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SurveySavvy is an online survey company where you can sign up for free.

Once you sign up, you get sent online surveys, most of which pre-screen you. If you meet the selection criteria, you’ll get to complete the survey and will get credited upon completion.

Some people think it’s a scam because of the many scam survey sites out there, or maybe even because of SurveySavvy’s old fashioned look! I had to do a double take and wondered why they haven’t given it a much needed facelift?



“Will These Guys Actually Pay Me For Taking Surveys?”

I am pleased to give you a resounding YES.

Despite the poor aesthetics, SurveySavvy is legit and one of the top survey sites out there. I say that because they often offer large payouts with some of their surveys. I recently received a invite for a 30 minute $50 survey which I was pretty pleased about. However, ironically, I didn’t meet the selection criteria for it (think they we’re looking for an IT networking geek) but they did throw me into their free prize draw

The highest paying survey that I have received from SurveySavvy that actual resulted in me getting paid was for $25. Don’t get too excited though as the bulk of their survey’s pay under $10 and the larger ones will only come through now and again.


“Tell Me The SurveySavvy Specifics”

Sure thing:

  • They’ve been established since 1998 are well trusted
  • They allow global membership
  • It is free to join (as all survey sites should be!)
  • The minimum payout amount if just $1
  • You are paid in the form of a checkĀ  – these can take a while (4-12 weeks) to come through in the post


“Is that It?! Anything Else I Need To Know?”

Not really, making this an unusually short post. Just sign up and get going.

Don’t lose motivation like 99% of people out there and check out other legit ways to make money online as you need to remember that surveys may not come through as frequently as you’d like.

Here’s where SurveySavvy ranks on our legitimacy chart:

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