Sizegenetics Scam? (Updated April 2016)

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Sizegenetics Scam? (Updated April 2016)

Note: This post was originally published in early 2011. Since then, I’ve had many people contact me after purchasing the product. 18 out of 19 have been really pleased with the results so the below still holds true. The dissatisfied customer has unrealistic expectations (in my opinion) and then went on to get a refund (minus shipping expenses).


When I created this site I never thought I’d be reviewing a product like THIS!

I’ve stuck to the safe Internet marketing and finance niches until now. Someone who I think randomly stumbled across this site asked me if Sizegenetics was a scam or not? From having heard about this product in the London Metro newspaper and in order to stick by my word of reviewing products that readers ask me to, I decided to investigate.

For those that haven’t come to this page via searching for ‘Sizegenetics scam’, please do not read on as this will probably be of minimal use. However, if you’re up for a change from the typical content on this site then get ready to be enlightened!


What Is Sizegenetics And Is It A Scam?

Sizegenetics produce a product that apparently increases the size of a man’s bits.  With all the pop ups and spammy sites promoting these kinds of products, pills and pumps, it’s no wonder that those interested in Sizegenetics might wonder if it’s a scam.

However, as it was mentioned in the London Metro newspaper, that immediately gave it some credibility. Although, in order to know for sure, I had to get more real user reviews and understand how this product worked.


My Research

After some digging around, I managed to find over a dozen legit user reviews. They were all rather positive and did endorse Sizegenetics. However, a common theme was that this isn’t an overnight miracle product and it does require some wear before you start seeing gains.

Encouragingly, the product was also covered in a popular UK TV show. The presenter, Tim Shaw, tried out a number of natural enlargement products and he actually found that enlargement was possible!

Finally, I went on the hunt for academic studies to figure out how enlargement was possible with a traction device. My investigations led me to several research papers proving that the science behind the Sizegenetics product is legit. If you want to read some of the studies yourself, search for research by Wendy Hurn (a Urology Specialist Practitioner at Bristol Royal Infirmary). She seems to have covered several elements of the topic pretty thoroughly.

Despite all of the above, the most convincing thing that proved to me that natural enlargement is possible with a traction device is if you look at other areas of society where the culture has led to real life examples. Take the tribes women of Africa with their elongated necks that are the result of adding ring after ring. Or the people that like to expand the ear lobe by embedding rings that are every increasing in size.

It’s important to note that this product focuses on increasing length as opposed to girth. At the time of writing, there is no reliable surgery / product to increase girth with resulting near-perfect appearance. However, there is something in development that is predicted for release in 2017. This surgery technique is minimally invasive and uses biodegradable scaffolds to increase girth. Searching for ‘penis enlargement via biodegradable scaffolds’ will point you in the right direction to get updates on this.


The Verdict:

The enlargement product by Sizegenetics is legit. This has been proven by user reviews, the media and research studies. Due to this extensive coverage, Sizegenetics ranks high on the legitimacy chart:

Sizegenetics ScamYou can visit the official Sizegenetics site here. Have thoughts of experience with the product? Leave your comments below…

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