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Site Built It

I don’t know about you, but when I visited the Site Build It website it screamed out scam. The botched together menu, random icons and use of yellow highlight immediately put me off.

In addition, when you actually search for ‘Site Build It’, you get a number of random, but oddly related domains. From, and a barrage of affiliate sites desperately trying to get you to click their link.

I figured out that the two aforementioned Site Build it pages were the official versions and just different landing pages.

One was the Google AdWords result and had testimonials from previous customers. The other organic result contained a message from the founder (Ken Evoy). Admittedly, that looked spammy as you had him standing on a beach (Sorry, Ken!) alongside his predictably optimistic message of success people have had with Site Built It.

If I hadn’t heard such good words about Site Build It from my highly legitimate friends within the industry, I would have passed it off.


“So Is Site Build It A Scam?!”


Although I don’t blame you if you thought it was for the reasons I mentioned earlier. I’ve also heard some people set up sites to specifically call it a scam so they can sell other related products – not cool. Site Build It is legitimate and many reputable people have had great success with it. For clarity, here are the reasons why I know Site Build It is not a scam:

  • It has endorsements from top internet marketers, some of whom are my friends
  • They were founded in 1997
  • They have more than 40,000 customers
  • The site has a top 500 ranking


“But Is It Actually Any  Good??”

I created my sites on WordPress and taught myself how to monetize a website before hearing about Site Build It. Therefore, it wouldn’t be the must-have tool for my purposes – especially as I’m working on building my current sites as opposed to creating new ones. However, this seems like a great piece of software for those that are struggling to make money with their sites.

In order to give you guys a good review, I had to buy it for myself so that I knew the in’s and out’s. Buying wasn’t too much of a difficult decision as I also know that Ken stands by his mammoth 3 month money-back guarantee.


“Hold On! I Have To Pay For It?! Why Don’t I Just Get A Free WordPress Site?!”

WordPress isn’t exactly free. If you want a decent looking site you’ll need to buy a good-looking theme, you’ll need to get a host and you’ll need to learn how to monetize your site as you go.

Site Build It gives you the tools to create an online business. Site Build It is not a good option if you’re an expert internet marketer or have already built successful businesses online. If you’re at the intermediate / beginner stage – it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at.


“Good Point – So Gimme Your Review”

After thoroughly checking out it’s features and creating a test site for myself, I can confidently say that Site Build It is a great, comprehensive and cost-effective solution that gives you everything you need to start making money with a website – including your own free domain name (damn I’m being oddly positive).

Site Build It gives you get unlimited hosting , a point and click tool to develop your website and tons of other tools to ensure that you create an effective, online business.

It has a great, in-built keyword research tool built that will give you recent and accurate supply, demand and profitability data in less than a minute.

Another notable feature is called ‘Brainstorm It’. As the name suggests, it helps you brainstorm ideas and select a profitable niche based on reliable figures.

What’s probably the biggest asset for Site Build It is also the ongoing coaching and support that you’ll receive from the team – I asked a ton of questions, some even aimed at tripping them up, and they were all answered promptly and thoroughly.

You don’t need any technical expertise to use Site Build It and that saves precious time where you can create great content.

Tons of notable Internet marketers make thousands a month with their Site Build It sites, some of who are mentioned on the legit people page. If you’re a beginner / intermediate Internet marketer, or are having trouble making money with your website, this is definitely worth a shot. As mentioned, you get a no questions asked refund if you’re not happy within a massive 90 day window.

Regular readers will know that I’m pretty critical, especially of Internet marketing products, but I can honestly vouch for Site Build It.


The Verdict

Despite my early reservations when looking at the Site Build It promotional material, I’m pleased that my views were turned around after checking out the software for myself. Site Build It is completely legit and a great tool for beginners / intermediates that want to make money with an online business.

Here’s the customary legitimacy chart:

 Site Build It Scam

You can sign up for your no-risk Site Build It trial here. Remember to check out the other Internet marketing products that we’ve reviewed and that smash the legitimacy test.

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  1. joel

    Thanks for your report and I trust honesty about site build it. I have stumbled upon this site and have had reservations about buying. I guess I could satisfy myself with the 90 guarantee, still I was happy to read your report.

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