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Market Samurai

When my Google keyword tool showed me that a handful of people were searching for ‘Market Samurai Scam’, I just had to write a ‘scam or legit post’ on it. That’s because:

  • It’s one of those essential things that need to go in the legit products & services page and it feels wrong having them there without a review.
  • The people searching for ‘Market Samurai Scam’ really need to be shown the light


“Hang On! What The Hell Is Market Samurai?!”

Market Samurai (MS) is a keyword research tool that helps you find profitable search terms that you can target. Once you’ve thought of a few keywords, the software lets you screen hundreds of related keywords to ensure that you pick the most profitable and viable ones.

Apart from picking keywords, MS has a SEO competition module that lets you effortlessly analyze the top 10 competition associated with your keywords. This shows important factors such as the competitions PageRank, backlinks and degree of on-site optimization.

This SEO module is one of MS’s most exciting features and almost everyone goes crazy about it as it really helps you make an informed decision before jumping into a new niche. The module also lets you drill down into the backlinks of every site which is really powerful. This shows you the type of links your competition is getting so that you can go ahead and build them for yourself. Internet marketers have labelled this process as ‘reverse engineering a site’ so I feel pretty clever doing it 🙂

Here’s a snapshot of the results on MS SEO competition module for the term ‘dog obedience training’:

Apart from the keyword research and SEO module, another feature that I love is the promotion module. This helps you find high-quality backlink opportunities within your niche. You can select the type of website you want to look for e.g. WordPress blog, .edu site, web 2.0 property, etc. You can then filter by the type of backlink opportunity such as Do Follow or No Follow, PageRank, and more. You’re then ready to visit these sites and get a backlink, if possible.

I really haven’t done the software proper justice so check out their promotional video. And for once, these aren’t exaggerated claims:


Furthermore, the MS guys send you high-quality training videos which really help you get a grasp on how to pick profitable keywords, what SEO is all about, etc. There’s is no hype or bullsh*t – just quality content.


“So I Take It MS Is Not A Scam From Your Loved Up Intro?”

Yes I am a MS fanboy and I admit I am a little loved up. I’m sure you’ll be singing their praises once you check them out!

MS is most definitely not a scam and is the only Internet marketing tool that I use on a daily basis. If you’ve come straight to this page and are thinking that I’m a random Internet marketer pushing another product, check out my about page or some of the damming reviews I’ve written.

MS comes at a one off cost and bearing in mind that the tool is continually updated, I think it’s awesome value.

However, don’t go and buy MS straight up. In order to get a $52 discount (regular price $149) you’ll need to sign up to their free trial. Once they then start sending you sales letters, you’ll also get the offer to buy at the discounted price. That’s the time to snap it up.


The Verdict:

The product is awesome and the customer service and training is second-to-none. That’s why it scores so high on the legitimacy chart:

market samurai scam

Sign up here and make sure you check out the other legit internet marketing products.


  1. Unfortunately Market Samurai found it too expensive to keep up with the product they sold everyone and now they have removed the page rank section of the program…with out the PR section what is the point of this program. I am beyond disapointed… They are basically asking for sympathy. I paid, they took my money… and not they took the best part of the program away… because it was going to cost THEM to much to keep their promis of a complete program.
    Save your money….

    • Sandip

      Hi Jibz,

      Thanks for your comment and sorry to hear of your disappointment.

      As a heavy Market Samurai user, I have been following the recent changes very closely and I actually think they’ve handled it really well. Here’s why:

      – They are offering anyone that is unhappy with the forced feature changes a full or partial refund. You’ll be eligible for the full refund if you purchased the software recently and primarily for the rank tracker features.

      – They have been extremely quick to react to changes that are out of their control. Right now, rank tracker is functional but it runs off your own computer as opposed to their cloud infrastructure. To prevent Google limits that result form lots of queries, they’ve also added a very cool feature that adds a search delay between each keyword you check. I check around 50 keywords a day and that works perfectly for me.

      – The paid feature is just limited to the rank tracker module and you’ll only need to pay if you aren’t happy with the searches running off your own computer. As mentioned above, with the introduction of search delay features I won’t need to subscribe.

      I still maintain that Market Samurai is the best Internet market software which is run by an awesome team because:

      – They continually provide software updates as things change

      – They provide great educational material

      – They offer awesome customer service

      – They communicate change very effectively

      I hope things work out for you. Remember, you should be able to get a refund if that’s why you really want and if the modified rank tracker features don’t suit your needs. All the best.

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