Legit People

It’s hard to find people out there that you can trust through and through. The people that just want to provide you with great value with no hidden agenda.

I’ve spent years following many successful people online and here are some of the most trusted out there that provide superb information in their niches. Due to my own interests, their topics do somewhat overlap. If you’re interested in subjects such as making money (particularly online), personal finance, personal development and entrepreneurship, I suggest you follow these guys if you want nothing but great, clean, honest information:

Neil Patel
Quick Sprout
Neil’s blog is focused around entrepreneurship, search engine optimization and business in general. Neil blogs every few days and as provides a unique and in depth insight into everything he covers.

Glen Allsopp
Glen has been providing visitors with a massive amount of value for quite some time. He has a habit of over-delivering and really pouring his heart and soul into his in depth, useful and comprehensive posts. He posts around once a week on topics such as viral marketing, search engine optimization and blogging advice.

Lisa Irby
This site by Lisa is essential reading, particularity for newbies. Lisa covers all topics around creating a website and gives real, frank advice. Her video tutorials are particularly helpful and I love her no-nonsense attitude.

The Extra Money Blog
Despite being a relatively new blogger, Sunil makes this list as his passion for hard work and dedication really shines through in his writing. Sunil covers a diverse range of topics including internet marketing, blogging, entrepreneurship and personal finance.

Martin Malden
Online Marketing Tips – Wealthy Dragon
Martin truly helps you create a sustainable and successful online business. He provides honest advice and has personally helped me with technical issues I faced.
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