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KGB Deals

Following my Groupon and LivingSocial reviews, the next group deals site that I’m taking a good look at is KGB Deals.

KGB is smaller than the two aforementioned giants and they’re another company trying to get their share of the growing group deals market. I actually only heard of them the other day when their pretty cool TV ad was aired.

However, upon checking out their site, user reviews and other stats, my optimism soon waned.


“Will KGB Deals Scam Me?!”

A site that grows big enough to air TV adverts is not designed to scam you. However, you are still at risk of poor customer service that results in feeling scammed.

I’m gonna weigh up the chances.

As I did in the LivingSocial post, it’s useful to compare the number of people searching for scams associated with the site in comparison to the number of people searching for the site itself.

This helps give a broad indication of customer satisfaction and customer concerns (the higher the percentage, the larger the number of unsatisfied customers).

Groupon scored a low 0.0004%

LivingSocial scored a higher 1.4%

And KGB Deals scored a significantly higher 7%

Not a good result for KGB Deals.

So what are the customer concerns?

  • Voucher codes not working
  • Poor / non-responsive customer service
  • Misleading promotions

As with other group deal sites, KGB Deals claim to give your money back if you’re not happy with the offer. If KGB Deals were to stand up to their site of the agreement and do this, all would be resolved. However, this is where their customer service sometimes lets them down.

The biggest disappointment for me when evaluating the KGB Deals site and what really tarnished their image in my mind was:

  • No contact number on the site.

This must be really frustrating for those that encounter problems that need prompt attention. I don’t understand why a company that can afford to run TV ads hasn’t invested in a readily available call center?

  • Their FAQ contains this question “I’m unhappy with my KGB Deal. What do I do?” The answer to that is:

Every kgbdeals voucher comes with a money-back guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, let us know and we will refund your purchase in full. Just click here to contact us.

Worryingly, the ‘click here’ text is not actually linked to anything. Now that does not give out a good signal to prospective or current customers.

KGB Deals really need to work on their customer service. A lack of customer service leads to complaints and scam accusations


The Verdict

The majority of KGB Deal customers must be happy for it to grow to the size that it is and KGB do offer cool deals. However, customers rarely report positive experiences and are instead driven to report bad experiences when they occur – and KGB has had a fair few of those.

Due to the chances of things going wrong and the lack of evidence that KGB is committed to customer support, I do not recommend them. Groupon and LivingSocial are the better alternatives that you should try out.

Here’s KGB on the legitimacy chart:

KGB Deals Scam

Remember to check out our full list of legit, verified companies that offer great deals & discounts.


Update: A kind visitor found the KGB Deals customer service number after searching the Internet and sent it to me. Here it is: 0800 0118012


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  1. Norma

    I want to warn everyone that Kgb deals are not honest. I thought I purchased the Sinatra show and I could never get anything from them. I paid through paypal and that is how I will be getting my refund.Beware everyone.

    • Sandip

      Thanks for the insight, Norma. KGB deals definitely has customer service issues and the most unhappy customers out of all the major group deal sites out there. Good luck with the refund, PayPal are usually pretty prompt when it comes to handling disputes.

  2. Lee

    KGB Deals is the worst of all the coupon sites. Their customer service department does not care if you’re satisfied or not and does not give refunds. Plus they remove the KGB Cash they give you from your account without even notifying you. I will never purchase anything through KGB Deals ever again.

    • Sandip

      Thanks for the comment, Lee.

      The further feedback does not sound too good for KGB. Glad I labelled them as ‘Approach With Caution’

    • Jennifer Bauman

      I ordered from KBG and never recieved my product from the company. I ordered this 7 weeks ago. They refuse to refund my money and I had to take them to the Better Business Bureau. When I bought the offer they said it could take 2 to 4 weeks. I first wrote them at 4 and a half weeks after I ordered and they told me to keep waiting and that it will come. After still not recieving it they are now telling me I only had 10 days after ordering to request money back which makes NO SENSE because I was told to wait 2-4 weeks to recieve it. Beware.

  3. Donna

    I made a purchase on Friday, my coupon code didnt work. I’ve emailed kgb 3 times, no response. If I dont hear from them by end of day today, I will call my bank to remove the charge and wont be using KGBdeals again!

    • Cuong

      I too, made a purchase last Friday. KGB emailed me the voucher code and show me the website of the seller, Zmodo (for a $65 wireless wifi security camera). I went to Zmodo website and tried tons of times but cannot get through with filling out the Zmodo’s order form. I contact by phone to Zmodo Sales Dept where they taold me they don’t know anything about the voucher and the voucher code I have given means nothing to Zmodo. Evidently this is a sales scam of As so many other victims of KGB, I have no way to contact KGB: No telephone number, no email address…But I will ask my bank not to pay for this scam

    • Patrice Botto

      None of coupons worked either. I have emailed them and I have received no response. They are a scam! Also no phone number to call. I think one day we will be having a class action against them as no one seem to be getting what they paid for,

      • Linda

        I’m game for pursuing the class action lawsuit. I purchased a $100 deal for a travel package that never came to fruition despite the labyrinth of customer service calls, emails, and letters.

        Anyone else in for this?

  4. Lyn

    I just purchased a $65 gift certificate through KGB deals for a company called out of Great Britain. They sell hair extensions, hair accessories, beauty products, etc. It took 13 attempts to get the order to go through. I believe the kapello website is a scam. You cannot register. You cannot contact them. You cannot log-in. It continues to say Password invalid/Username invalid/please enter code seen below. I enter the codes, passwords, etc correctly but each error message changes and sometimes says “Please enter you email address” which is clearly typed in. I hope the FTC shuts this racket down. Yes, I also noticed my $6 kgs dollars vanished after I finally submitted my order. On Kapello’s website when the order went through, the screen shot said I had not entered my email so I would not receive a confirmation of my order! Needless to say I cant login or contact them because when I type my information in the contact page, it says “Please enter your information”. Obvious SCAM.

    • Jane

      did u ever receive a refund or get the extensions? I wrote a comment and saw a few others that wrote negative feedback and it was on there for a while and now they deleted them! I emailed kgb and supposedly they said that they were going to issue me a refund but they said within 5-7 days and they sent that email without asking me an order# or anything so I’m wondering how are they going to issue me out a refund if they don’t know how to track which order it is so I’m just going to wait and see how it goes…. but this is sooo ridiculous! especially how they sound so fake with the we’re trying to provide the most excellent customer service blah blah this is so crazy cause thinking that they were a huge company I ordered from other companies on the kgb site as well so I have to try and dispute a few other cases as well everyone should just avoid all trouble dealing with KGB

      • Lyn

        Jane, as of 12/22/2011, the extensions have not arrived. administration deleted the negative comments and now their reply is also gone. The page is filled with fake comments like the one from Oska Shutterburg. They have fake reviews all over the net. Where are the people scammed? I can’t be the only one. Kgbdeals is going to have to refund my $65.

        • Jane,
          I am also waiting for my order from Kapello. I actually purchased 3 from them in early November , 2011 since i was so excited about the deal and reviews. I have recieved my last two orders after emailing them a few times but have yet to recieve my first order. Finally, today I attempt to try to resolve the issue by asking kgbdeals for help. KEISHA responded she could not find my e-mail or voucher on record. RED FLAG goes up because i had used my email to log in and get the voucher code for reference to my complaint. Still signed in with my email.i copy and send the voucher link and she still says its not on record when i’m staring at myvoucher on their website. Both times she wrote me and referred to me as MARY,when email and voucher clearly state my name. She said she personally searched for my email and voucher and cannot find it on record but how am i to believe she even tried if she didn’t even read my name right. She continued on to tell me to contact them “if” i need further assistance! Well duh! It’s not resolved yet. When i responded for a third timecorrecting my name and stating i don’t understand how its possible if I myself am logged in with that email and viewing the voucher. I asked if the link i sent work and went on giving my username and contact number. She obviously was over it because the next response was a geneic e-mail “thank you for your feedback blah blah blah BS!” I’ve made 4 purchases from their website and had trouble with 3/4. Never again kgbdeals. I’m sticking with groupon and living social. The only other time i had a prob was one of livinvsocial vendor closed down before the exp. Date. I called livingsocial, they apologized and refunded me immediately case was settled in less than 5 min. Now thats customer service that keeps me loyal. LEARN FROM THEM KGBDEALS.

  5. Nikki

    I purchased a deal from them for two watches from slapgear. After waiting over 3 weeks to receive my watches I contacted KGB and slapgear. Slapgear contacted me after 2 days and told me to wait 21 business days for my order. KGB contacted me 5 days later and said they were looking into the issue. The email had a contact number which no one ever answered. After 35 days I requested a refund from KGB. They responded with an email saying they were trying to track my order. When I pressed for a refund they said they would initiate the process which takes about 2 weeks. That is definitely the last time I will use KGB.

  6. Sandip

    Shame to hear all these negative experiences.

    But don’t lose hope in group deal sites guys; people seem a lot happier with Groupon and LivingSocial:,

    Worth trying out if you like the concept and want the customer service to go with it.

    • I order like crazy from so many websites and have never had an issue until kgb/hipster. I ordered two items. One, Fandango movie tickets. They cancelled them and never paid me back. Now lanterns. They are listed on my vouchers bought but I can’t order them through hipster. The voucher number doesn’t go through and thier emails don’t send. Rip off!!!! Warning don’t even go there.

  7. Bri

    I purchased a deal with KGB deals. They did not provide the voucher number that works. I have contacted the vendor & they say it is kgb’s error &. They need to provide me with the correct voucher#.

    I have exchanged 16 emails with kgb’s “customer service” trying to resolve this to no avail. At this point I plan to contact their c- level officers such as:

    Daniel Smith-Chief Marketing Officer
    Christine Baumeister- Chief Operating Officer
    Lisa Hagendork- Glibal Head of Public Relations &
    Brian Harrison- CEO

    I Encourage everyone else with customer service issues to do the same thing. Now that KGB deals has announced a partnership with google Offers they should be much more concerned with the horrible reputation their lack of customer service has earned them!

    If they do fix my problem & listen to my concern, perhaps google offers will…

    • Lisa Willis

      I have had the same problem .They will not contact me back .I feel i just waited 25 dollars on a dinner and a movie tickets .

    • Patrice Botto

      None of my movie coupons ever worked. I emailed them over 5 times and they said keep trying… They are a scam and I hope google thinks before they merge!

  8. Megan

    As an fy, I researched KGB Deals BEFORE purchasing anything from them and I am glad I did. I read the review by Sandip from September 29th where he references a phone number at the bottom for customer service. So I called the 800-011-8012 to see if I could get through and it said the number was no longer in service and had been disconnected or changed. Needless to say, I DID NOT proceed with my purchase. Ebates even has a link to get money back from this company but I doubt anyone ever will because they cannot be contacted!

    • Melissa Springstein

      Hey, I’ve actually called kgbdeals before the number I used is 866-706-3915

      • Shweta

        I just tried to call the no.: 866-706-3915, and was pleasantly surprised to hear: “welcome to kgb customer service”; as all other nos. I tried never really worked. But in less than a minute, it directed me to a voicemail! So it continues, no real no. for kgb customer service to be found. 🙁

  9. Suzan

    I’ve purchased a few kgb deals, however I have run into problems with redeeming on line. when I was unable to redeem the coupon and received slow…very slow responses from the company I contacted kgb. It took a couple of days but they refunded my money no questions asked. Too bad I really was disappointed not getting my “deal”, but happy they refunded my money.
    So, I purchased another deal and here it is again. The coupon voucher is not being recognized by the company. I’ve never had problems with my Groupon or Livingsocial vouchers. Never again.
    Not because of kgb but because there is some type of problem redeeming the coupons.
    One tip I never use anything but a credit card (with limited balance) when purchasing these deals, your recourse is much less stressful when you contact the card company if you are unsatisfied with service.
    So much for the Christmas present I was going to purchase.

  10. Teresa

    KGB deals also gave me a false deal. I was unable to use a Fandango Movie Coupon deal that I bout through them b/c the code was invalid. I have tried to contact their customer service department many times and each time have gotten nowhere with them. I even took a screen capture of the “coupon” I had difficulty with and invalid code and their last reply was that they could not find my account with my email address. Completely a scam! I plan on contesting the charges on my credit card.

  11. Russ Green

    Don’t go through KGB. Call the merchant directly and ask for the same deal. I tried this once and it worked.

  12. Sandip

    Thanks for the continued feedback. Hopefully this will save some people money and a lot of hassle.

  13. Marj

    I purchased a Voucher for a Nellypot handbag, bag was faulty so had to return it. I was promised a refund or exchange but to date I have received neither. I have contacted kgb by email but they are not responding. I phoned them this morning but just an answering service requesting I leave name and contact number, I don’t really expect to get a call. Very poor customer service. If anyone is contemplating ordering a handbag from Nellypot, think again as they are very poor quality.

    • Tamara

      Poor quality or not I would of liked to of received my order from them over a month and I have nothing no bag no refund and sick of calling groupon

      • Hi Tamara
        There is now a facebook page where you can have your say as to how you feel this company has treated you. I would suggest you keep contacting Groupon as well and it might be an idea to contact your bank or credit card and ask them if you can have a charge back form. They will then recover the money from Good Luck.

  14. love

    KGB was a worst scam i have ever had, no phone nor response after only email contact one can sumbit, no reply after made request. had a few vachour never worked, and until some were expired, never was able to get my money back so far. will file complain with BBB for sure.

  15. Marj

    This company has now blocked me from making comments on their facebook page so if you really want to get the message to others, go to their page on facebook and add your own comments.

  16. Marj

    I would advise anyone thinking of purchasing a voucher to buy a handbag or purse from NOT to do it as they are a dreadful company to deal with. They send out shoddy and cheap looking bags and when a refund is requested, they just ignore their customers. I have seen many adverse comments on various review sites but on facebook if they receive bad comments, they just delete them.

  17. dbublee1

    I have two deals that I bought through KGB deals. The first was at then end of November, the other a couple of weeks ago. I wanted both of these items for Christmas. The deal at the end of November is still showing “processing” through the company’s order site and the other I cannot even track through the company. I contacted KGB and have been told they contacted the vendor. I have asked several times how to cancel and get my money refunded and they never seem to answer that question. I will never use them again and will warn everyone I know not to also. UNBELIEVABLE

  18. Marj

    I have just spoken to a lady from kgb deals who was very helpful indeed. She is aranging for me to have a full refund of my voucher cost. I have also contacted my credit card bank and have asked for a chargeback form and I understand that they can forcibly claim the cash back of Watch this space……. If anyone needs the number for kgb it is 0800 0118012. Good Luck

  19. Brenda

    Definitely the WORST site i have ever used. Will never buy from this site again. BE CAREFUL… you are going to waste your money!!!

  20. Dick

    Never again with kgbdeals! I ordered two pairs of gloves on 11/20, got the vouchers, submitted them to the merchant ( three days later, as instructed. Since then,…NOTHING. I contacted kgbdeals three times, and each time they told me to deal directly with the merchant, who would be happy to help me. The merchant has no phone number and has not answered any of my emails; their web site shows my order as “processing” (after a full month), and when I reported this to kgbdeals, they suggested I…contact the merchant!

  21. I am sure that kgb did not want to have all these problems and today I did receive a refund of my £12 voucher cost. I am jity of bagsust hoping now that my bank will issue a chargeback against for the additional money I paid to purchase the handbag. Safe to say that Nellypot is now closed so hopefully nobody else will have to suffer the dreadful quality of merchandise that they sell.

    • Tamara

      They are still trading if you can callit that more like stealing from people


    In August 2011 I purchased a voucher for $10 for $25 worth of diner food. A day later, my wife and I went there and they went out of business months ago.

    I immediately notified kgbdeals and they said they were going to issue a refund. I am still waiting.

  23. obviously i shld hv researched kgb b4 purchasing… waiting for a week for a response to a “problem” when i made my 1st purchased- going to call my bank & get my $ back that way…
    so other than the bbb (not that that will do much good), this company sounds like it may be breaking a law/s… who shld we be calling to file complaints?

  24. Ann

    I purchased several Fandango movie vouchers none of them work. I emailed them. No response. Kgb deals deleted my Facebook comment. I an going to report them to Better Business Bureau in New York. Quick to take your money but fail to deliver voucher codes for merchandise.

  25. L Blass

    I’m dumbfounded by the pettiness and how far this company will go to avoid making good on a lousy $10.00. If anything, this company has taught me how much to appreciate the professionalism and integrity of Groupon. At this point, I could care less about the money, but it just drives me CRAZY that any type of company can survive with this type of mentality. KGB deals offer $10 “KGB Cash” to try a deal, and listed a restaurant in the email to apply the cash. I signed in and purchased THAT VERY DEAL that was advertised with the “Use your KGB Cash for …” Instead of being charged $10 less, I was charged the full amount. Complaints to KGB were met with “Sorry, the deal is not eligible…” I asked them to refund my money on all my deals, per their guarantee, and cancel my account, and while they agreed they would cancel my account, they refused to refund the monies I spent on the other yet-unused deals. They obviously don’t care about truth-in-advertising, honoring their guarantee, or in honoring their word. After repeated complaints, they finally offered to extend the $10 kgbcash to another deal. But there’s just no indication that the $10 kgbcash even exists, my emails to kgb are now being ignored, and I certainly am not going to risk any more money since they’re obviously going to fight to the end over $10 measly dollars. What kind of company is willing to create hostile customers over a promotion? I’m perplexed.

    • Patrice Botto

      They are a scam, none of my coupons worked and they emailed back only once saying, Try again!
      I wonder if any class action is being started?

  26. Rob

    Hi all – this is Rob with kgbdeals writing.

    First and foremost, I apologize that many of you have had a poor experience with the site. It appears many of you have been frustrated with the lack of response from our support organization. We are in the midst of a complete overhaul of our support organization to better deal with the growing volume of sales.

    In addition, I assure you kgbdeals is not a scam. From time to time, there are inevitably issues with a small number of our deals but we do work hard to fix outstanding issues and give our customers the support they deserve. kgbdeals is part of a larger parent company, kgb, which has been in business for 20+ years and we are not going anywhere. Our deals business is live in over 100 cities worldwide including the United States, UK, Italy and France.

    Should any of you have outstanding issues that need resolution, please feel free to reach out to us at (UK) or (US) and we’ll make sure you are taken care of quickly.

    We again apologize that many of you in this forum have had poor experiences but assure you we are working hard to make things more seamless in the future. We look forward to hearing from you.

    • RC

      So all you can offer is an apology? What about our money back!?

      • Rest assured, that from 25 years in Sales/marketing and personally representing tens of thousands of companies, KGb is no scam. I would not be here if that were the case; supplmentally, I
        would not have received the personal testimonials from happy clients if that were not the case.

        Good for Rob having the character to stand up and offer the contacts for any issues which may have slipped through the cracks. No one is perfect – if we were we would not be here on the earth.

        I understand some of the complaints are realistic. My suggestion would be to contact the Merchant from which the product was purchased and express the concerns -they too have a vested interest in a happy customer and possibly future client. To this, the sales representative from Kgb Deals, whom negotiated the deal, has vested interest in the deal running well also. I have personally settled many issues successfully where the customer wanted a refund. Rest assured kgb Deals is issueing refunds – I see them come out of my commissions.

        On another note: The 100% No Quibble policy does attract fraudulent behavior – why not get something or go to eat somewhere and then say your not happy and get a free product or meal. Just may be the reason for your estimate of 7% refunds! Kgb Deals is working on this issue.
        In other cases some customers simply do not follow the directions to redeem their voucher and or do not fully read the material on the webpage, especially the disclaimers. Some of this is understandable in our instant gratification world we live in.
        Finally, yes some of the cases are legitimate, and anyone who has any business experience knows, ten times more often indiviuals will complain than offer a compliment. Kgb Deals is committed to quality service and have initiated new policies to address and increase a positve sales experience across the board.

        Best regards

        • Unfortunately Shawn, I like others have been trying to contact the Merchant ( over a period of months but with no telephone number and a lack of response from the company to emails, contact cannot be made.
 are the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to have placed my trust. They are nothing short of criminals and should be shut down immediately. There are those voucher holders who have been placing orders which have never been fulfilled. Nellypot very conveniently blame the Royal Mail for not delivering goods. They ignore customers emails and basically treat their customers with contempt.
          I will always give credit where it is due, but Nellypot are not a good company and I am therefore, very surprised that kgb, living social or any other company would want to be associated with them because it can only lead to bad feelings and frustration from customers and does nothing to enhance the business of the voucher producing agents.
          Surely kgb should be doing their utmost to bring to book for their bad trading practice and should in future ensure that the companies they deal with are beyond reproach.

        • Paula Hannon

          I ordered something over a month ago & have not received it so would say they are scam. None of their customer care links do not work. No 800 listing on website. I just turned it over to my bank.

    • adrienne

      oh nonsence. Your company is disgusting. I am reporting you. Everything i buy from you is fraud

    • Gregory Church

      Refund my money then I consider you not a bald faced liar and a scam. I do hope you go to jail for fraud.

  27. Sandip

    Thanks for contributing, Rob. I hope the contact addresses will now help irate customers resolve the problems they’ve been having.

  28. Neville

    KGB Deals.

    I bout fandango movie tickets voucher for $24.00

    When I went to use it I got a message that I will receive an email in 5 days with a PIN I can use to redeem it? They said they are having fraud problems. No where is it mentioned I have to wait. I planned to see a non discount movie….well I had to pay full price for movie that should have already been paid for.

    I tried to call…no phone number for this company? I sent them an email and got a pre-written response….I sent another and received another pre-written response which was addressed to someone else? Now I am waiting for this so called PIN. I am very disappointed.

  29. the above voucher is a scam. code was not working. when contacted kgc got a standard response more then 10 days ago and no response since then. it seems they are running a scam. its high time the government cracks down on them as they seem to be running a Mini Madoff scheme cheating the ordinary public and getting away with it. what is surprising is that the press do not write about their scams and instead promote them. its high time the press highlight such websites before another scandal of such coupon websites burst and cheating the. God save future kgb deal customers

  30. I can now report that after many emails and a letter sent recorded delivery to Nellypot advising them that I would pursue them for a refund through the courts if necessary, I have now received a full refund to my credit card for £15.90 being the additional costs to purchase one of their cheap looking handbags. I still have not received £3.15 which was the cost of returning the faulty bag as they say that I will only receive a credit when the bag has been returned to their warehouse. This puzzles me somewhat as the handbag was returned to them on the 19th November. I suspect it’s another example of their disgraceful trading practice. Good luck to anyone else who has had the misfortune to have placed an order with this company.

  31. Further to my last posting, even though I received a full refund for the cost of the bag, I did not receive reimbursement of my return postal costs. I have now received an email from Becky@Nellypot advising me that the handbag has not arrived in their warehouse. This is a very strange situation as I have noted that other customers of Nellypot who have returned items have been told the very same thing. Now, either Royal Mail are not delivering these bags back to Nellypot and if so, this will need to be investigated or Nellypot are telling lies.

  32. francisco

    I recently had an issue with kgbdeals.. well it wasn’t exactly their fault. They made a deal with a company called for some fandango movie tickets. Then digital doorstep went bankrupt. 2 contact form message to kgbdeals later and they responded telling me about the bankruptcy and that I will be refunded.

    BUT! they included a phone #!
    here it is:
    (866) 706-3915, Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST.

    note: i haven’t called it yet

    • It is a real shame that kgb and other deal offer companies have become caught up in the very bad conduct of some of their Vendors. I must say that kgb were very helpful when I had the problem with and refunded me the cost of the voucher but I do think they should be a lot more careful with whom they do business.

  33. Gwen

    I don’t believe KGB is a scam. I had a problem with purchasing rooms in Mexico that was unable to handle the great influx of business from KGB.

    Although KBG was slow to respond they did refund my money thru PayPal. It took about 15 days. The problems seems to be they are short staffed. They did try, by e-mailing me that they’d take care of it and asked for my patience.

    Although I would not recommend or use KGB in the near future, I think they are a new business that could work out the kinks and be of benefit to the consumer.

  34. I purchased movie tickets also at 4 for $ 24.00. Went to use the code and it would not accept the codes. After several attempts to make sure I had done it correctly I then found a number to KGB deals. Guess what it is out of service. I am glad I used my American express card. I called them and they have credit my account and they are going to handle the problem. If for no other reason American Express is my card of choice. I have this with other products and they handled them the same way. I will never purchase anything from KGB Deals again.

  35. Giovanni

    I purchased a good deal on a voucher for a massage. I tried to make an apt. with the massuse many times. I’d only get a voice mail on a cell phone with no greeting, each time I called. I didn’t leave a message but I called many times during one day, and then a few times on different occasions. Never got a call back. The merchant has a website that can be used to make appointments, as well—however, in order to register online with them, they require all your personal information plus a credit card. I’m not comfortable with doing either, and there is no reason they need either (esp. not my credit card, since I’m using a voucher). Long story short, my voucher was only good for 3 months, and it has finally expired. I tried also many times to find out of the merchant would honor the voucher, still, but same problem: can’t get a hold of her!

    So I wrote KGB and explained all this and asked for a refund back to my CC. I said I would not be interested in a credit of ‘kgb cash” since I hardly use their service, nor having the voucher used for ts value $25 towards the merchants regular price, as its just too expensive ($80). So I asked them to either contact the merchant to find out if I could still use it, or to please return my $25.

    After waiting 3 days with no response, I started to call. I only got their voice-mail. I left a voice mail. Three days later, I finally get a response to my original email (never got a call back on my phone).

    This was their response, which completely ignored the content of my message to them, and I find unacceptable:

    Hi Giovanni,

    Thank you for your email and for shopping at

    I am sorry to hear that you have missed the window of opportunity to use your voucher for this deal. I regret to inform you that since the deal was on a limited time only we are unable to process a refund.

    However, you may still utilize the value of your voucher by presenting it to the merchant. If the merchant refuses to accept your voucher, we will process a refund by adding kgbkash credits equal to the amount paid for your purchased voucher.

    Please refer to and go to “(i) Terms and Conditions for All Vouchers”.

    Please be reminded to always refer to the expiration date of the deal so that you will be able to choose when you would like to redeem your voucher.

    We appreciate your patience.

    Here at kgbdeals, our goal is to provide the excellent customer service you deserve. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to email us back. You may also call us at (866) 706-3915), Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST.

    Thank you for your patronage and we hope you continue to shop with us.

    Kind regards,

    Your kgbdeals Team

  36. Jane S

    I have purchased a few things from kgb, but when I purchased two movie tickets, redeemed it for a code and then couldn’t use it at the theater we chose, I held on to the code. A month or so later, I tried to use it at a theater that took fandango – and was told the code was no longer good. I sent a note to kge and heard back from them on January 8 that they were looking into it. After over a week, I sent another note – and have sent two more – still no response. I asked for a phone call or just something to let me know they are working on it – and still no response.
    I guess I have to agree with you about them having poor service and border being a scam. I have been afraid to purchase anything else until this is resolved although I have been tempted with a few good deals.

  37. Ripped Off

    I’ve had no problems with KGB. In fact i think they are great. A few items I bought did not turn up in the post (because of dishonest retailers) so they gave a refund. Their customer service is very quick and helpful. I mainly buy restaurant and beauty deals and although disappointed when some items are not sent, the restaurants have been very good. The retailers who did send items were also very quick and gave a fantastic service.

  38. Patrice Botto

    I have purchased several “deals” and only a few have worked. There is no service number to call and I have not been able to redeem several coupons. I do not know what to do to get my money back. I have sent several emails and only heard back on one deal which I am hoping to receive a refund. Will believe it when I see it.

  39. Robert Dickinson

    I made a purchase for a hotel night/weekend in Charleston, SC via KGB in early December only to find out when I called the hotel that it was not honoring the deal that I had purchased since KBG did it thru a nameless 3rd party vendor. I finally got in touch with someone at KGB who apologized and said that a refund would appear on my credit card within 10 days. Three weeks later I called and told them I had not seen the refund. They apologized again; said they saw where it had been processed and that it was probably just the Christmas holidays that was slowing things down. It’s now been two months and still no refund and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find someone to call since KGB only uses email to contact them.

  40. KGB offered lawn service for Monarch Lawn care. Monarch wouldn’t return phone calls to arrange an appointment and my coupons (3) expired. KGB said they’ed give me credit but it would expire in 60 days. I don’t think I should be penalized for Monarch problems. I couldn’t find any deal that I needed and now they won’t give me my $45 credit. I DO THINK THE COMPANY IS A SCAM AND UNDERHANDED THIEFS.

  41. Lily

    My boyfriend and I received two $50 vouchers (both purchased at $25 each) at Christmas, to use with Superstar Tickets, some second hand concert ticket reseller. We decided to use them for an upcoming concert in town, so we called Super Star Tickets’ toll free number for instructions. Once we were on the phone, Superstar verified that the so called “verifcation code” on the vouchers was incorrect! In fact, the woman on the phone said she had never heard of kgbdeals at all. This is obviously a scam – and I’m irate! Thats $50 wasted. And reading the comments above about the same thing with fake codes, the non-existent customer service, etc. makes me even more angry! All of us have been duped.

  42. Manuela

    I did purchase a discounted 2 night spa deal at Middlepiccadilly just a few days ago and when i tried and book it for this spring, I was advised that they don’t have any availability for KGB customers until at least November this year (but not give me any dates). This is unacceptable, have written to KGB to complain and ask for refund. Let’s see what happens….

  43. Mathew

    This company is awful. I purchased movie tickets from a different company which went bankrupt, and was bought by KGB deals. The movie ticket codes ended up not working, which KGB deals admitted and offered to refund my purchase. I have had to email them back four times and called them several other times, and they continued to assure me I will receive this refund. It has yet to happen.
    Never use this company for any reason, they are not to be trusted and have horrendous customer service.

  44. danni

    think of us poor merchants who offer these deals in order to get some custom. i was happy to do it to get people through my door with the hope of some of them returning. i have been working at a fraction of what i would normally charge and havn’t recieved a penny from KGB Deals-so it feels asthough i’m working for nothing! My deal went live first week of january, i was told i would recieve first payment 10 days after the deal ended…still nothing. as if trying to set up a new business wasn’t stressful enough

  45. I too have had my fill with this company. I purchased to deals from them and never received the merchandise. Kgb did refund my money (they have too) I am reporting this company to my state attorney generals office and anyone out there that has any problems with this company should do the same. I beleive they don’t do a background check on these companies and just throw them out there to the public to be taken for granted. Well KGB. I for one have had enough of your company and am letting everyone I know, know how you do business. Buyers please be aware and stay away from them.

  46. Pam

    My daughter and I each purchased a $99 deal that included a 2-night stay at the Crowne Plaza Park Central in Dallas & a $50 voucher to When we called the Paramount Travel Worldwide to redeem the vouchers, the agent told us that the Crowne Plaza Park Central was unavailable for our chosen dates, but other hotels were available. However, the alternate hotels were inferior to the Crown Plaza Park Central and was told that the Crowne Plaza Galleria in Dallas was available for an additional charge of $195.40 which had to be prepaid on a credit card at the time of booking (October 11th). I now realize this was a “bait and switch”. Our reservation was made for March 17-18, 2012, and on March 2nd, I called Paramount to confirm our reservation. Imagine my surprise when the telephone message said that Paramount had gone out of business in November 2011. I then called the Crowne Plaza Galleria to confirm our reservation. Again, I was surprised when the reservations agent told me that the room had been reserved on October 11th but was cancelled on December 1st. This was not cancelled by me and I can only assume that it was cancelled by Paramount since they had gone out of business and they wanted to keep the $195.40 that I prepaid. I called KGB to explain what happened and they already knew that Paramount had gone out of business. I asked why KGB didn’t contact all the people who purchased this particular deal to let them know that Paramount had gone out of business, especially since this would have been very disasterous had I not tried to confirm our reservation and arrived at the Crowne Plaza Galleria to check-in only to find out we didn’t have rooms. He said KGB has a pending lawsuit with Paramount and KGB would refund the original deal purchase amount of $99 to both me and my daughter. Unfortunately, they would not refund the $195.40 that Paramount stole from me when they cancelled the reservation and suggested I contact my bank to try to recoup the money.

  47. adrienne

    Every single item I have bought is either broken, the compnay does not exist or they are out of business. I do not get response from KGB no matter how often I email. Why no telephone number. Disgusting company. Lost my money and my time

  48. Mark

    Beware of KGB Deals and its affiliates, in particular Asile Cosmetics UK. I will be contacting PayPal to refund me.

  49. Gregory Church

    My dealing with KGB: They don’t investigate their merchants and most are frauds. I got scammed by DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. they don’t have the product and lie about it when you ask. I was told three times it had been shipped when they didn’t have anything to ship. The KGB deal said 2 to 3 weeks delivery and nothing came. They took my money then refused to issue a credit when I informed them of the Merchant’s misrepresentations. Its been over a month and I have no product and a dozen lies from both KGB and They then told me it’s been shipped and I cannot get a refund after I emailed them and cancelled the order due to non shipment, yet they refuse to give me a UPS tracking number. My account says, “backordered” but their ad on the website says “in stock, normally ships same day”. KGB did NOTHING but obstruct and lie for them, then told me I would have to pay to ship the product back, and wait for them to get confirmation from the merchant to issue a refund. Forget it, they breached their contract with me, I cancelled the order long before it was shipped, and they refused, so IF they do ship the product, KGB can deal with my credit card company for fraud, and the merchant will not be around long enough to be prosecuted. I am contacting the BBB and Attorney General in NY to ask that KGB be investigated for cheating us all out of money. In my most strongest words I suggest no one EVER buy from KGBdeals, they really are a scam.

  50. Gregory Church

    Robert Pines
    Chairman and Founder

    Robert Pines is Chairman of kgb, which he co-founded in 1992. Robert has directed the growth of kgb from five employees at its launch to more than 7,000 employees today, worldwide. He is based in New York City.

    Before founding kgb, Robert worked at Lehman Brothers in the investment banking department and at the management consulting firm Corporate Decisions, Inc., which is now part of Mercer Consulting.

    Robert holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, cum laude, from Harvard College and an MBA with honors from The Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

    Rob scammed people for Lehman Brothers nows hes scamming the internet public. Says it all doesn’t it?

  51. Steve

    Wait, you mean to tell me that a company that doesn’t blanche about co-opting the initials of a thoroughly evil organization that has killed millions of innocents over the years might not be totally honest? I am SHOCKED!

    Though, I’m not shocked that nobody seems to bat an eye over the name “KGBdeals”. If it were “nazideals” people would be up in arms, but “KGBdeals” – oh, those millions of dead eastern europeans don’t mean a thing to the british public.

  52. Has anyone contacted the BBB?

  53. Jessica

    I have been dealing with kgb deals for about 2 months now trying to get my money back. I ordered a tablet and it came all scratched up and the chinese version of android market….so I sent it back on march 12th and still no refund. I have sent 2 or 3 emails a day asking for my money back, but no response. I finally found a number tonight that I will try tomorrow. Hopefully it work…here is the number (212) 909-8282.

  54. Richard

    My Father and I were bought an experience voucher for Christmas which seemed like a fantastic present idea for a once in a lifetime experience. Needless to say, having read through these comments, we have had a very similar experience. Months af trying seriously hard to arrange for the voucher to be used we have reached the point of asking for a refund. The current status is that KGB are referencing a 10 day refund expiry timeframe. I can’t help but recommend that people DO NOT FOLLOW ALL OF US INTO THIS SHAMBLES. 10 days didn’t even allow the voucher to become valid before refunds became unavailable.

  55. Jessica

    Hello, here is a customer service number for KGB deals…1-866-706-3915. I just got off the phone with them. I have been having so much trouble getting my money back and they said they will look into it right away. So we will see what happens now.

  56. This is the issue with most if not all the Groupon “Me too” sites. We decided to skip all of the noise and provide a simple platform where consumers would never pre pay for a coupon, voucher, daily deal etc and simply pay for it when they redeem it for the said products and or services.

  57. W C Roberts

    I placed an order through KGB Deals on March 3. The Magic Mesh screen has still not shipped 6 weeks later. I’ve left 4-5 complaints with their CS department on line. They assure me that my order is shipping the following week. Still has not happened. The customer service is from something called
    DO NOT do business with this company or KGB Deals. This is a scam in my opinion and I will now have to closely watch my credit card activity. Buyer BEWARE!

  58. Joycie

    I too fell for the rigamoro KGBdeals offers. Why do I need a vouchure to wait a day and a half before I can even order my purchase? Then after a week and a half they notify me that the BOSE earphones I ordered are not available. Is this any way to run a business? They refunded my money under stern threat but what a waste of time and energy. I wrote them a scathing note and told them I was going to put the on blast. I am another dissatisfied customer!So here it is, a warning:
    Purchase from KGBdeals at your own risk. It is quite possible and more than likely you too will have as bad an experience as the rest of us.

  59. KGB is the worst of the deal sites.. I’ve never had any problem with the others, but it seems that every single one of their merchants is dodgy, rude and unprofessional.

    The last issue was that I tried to make a colonic hydrotherapy appointment (I know, weird) and experience the most arrogant “company” ever and opted not to book at all.

    Instead I explained to KGB that I didn’t book because they were really nasty to me and I didn’t want to experience quite an intimate and humbling service with a company that acted that way. KGB refused to refund me as it was out of their 7 day window. WTF?

  60. Gary

    I bought a voucher for a tablet thru kgb. The tablet (same as Jessica) came from It took about 8 wks to receive this peice of junk. I have been trying to deal with topcrazydeals for a refund, with no luck. It doesnt sound like going thru kgb is going to do any better. I’m thinking they might be one and the same company. Never buy anything from either again!

  61. kim

    KGB Deals will sale you a vacaation voucher & then when you try to book they try to flip the terms & make you do attend a timeshare presentation. When you indicate you aren’t interested in that the dates you want then are no longer available. Also, KGB Deals offers no phone for contacting them on their website. This alone should have made me weary but didn’t even check until I had an issue. Then you send an email & wait days to receive a generic response.

  62. andrea

    I also have been taken by KGB deals. I purchased 4 vouchers for a business that has been closed down for some time. I also purchased Fandango tickets which also went out of business. I have been trying for 6 months to get a refund, thru e-mail and the direct number. They always say we will look into it, nothing ever happens. I have spoken to numerous people, still nothing. I have been taken to the tune of $107.00. Please don’t give this company your hard earned dollars.

  63. Helen jones

    I purchased a KGB deal back in February for a 30 piece makeup brush set though asile cosmetics. Firstly I had issues utilising the voucher as wasn’t able to activate it and pay for p&p. Eventually this rectified itself and I payed the p&p though PayPal. However to this day have not received the product. KGB emailed in march and apologised that there would be a delay as the merchandise was substandard – order was therefore to be processed in 6 weeks. Had another email stating the item would be dispatched on may 24. Still not received anything and despite regular emails to asile cosmetics and KGB customer service – I cannot get anyone to engage in communication to offer an explanation. I will never use KGB again.

  64. Patrick Meagher

    I too bought two deals for 40.00. What a waste, I sent them 5 emails to no avail. I sent my last one today. Its been 6 months since I bought this nonsense, they are a scam. They are dishonest. I’m calling the state Attn. Gen. office next week.

    Good luck with these crooks.

  65. Esteban

    Damn, WTF? Someone needs to prosecute the owners or partners of this dirty company. I was very close to buying a travel deal to Vegas for my GF’s birthday. Since it looked TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! I decided to book directy with the Casino. I didn’t wanna risk ruining my GF’s special day. OMFG, I’m so glad I didn’t use these crooks. Now we know, ill be sure to let all my peeps know about this scammers. Hope you guys get your money back, keep the pressure up!!

  66. Jodi

    I wish I’d come to this site first. I ordered some gloves through KGB Deals last October, thinking they’d come by Christmas. They were delivered after Christmas.

    Then, thinking it was just the Christmas rush and they deserved another chance, I ordered what was supposed to be $99 worth of jewelry, at least. I got the earrings today, and I wouldn’t pay 99 CENTS for them.

    I don’t be ordering from KGB again.

  67. Kim


  68. Vanessa

    I bought a voucher through kgbdeals back in March for a Haircut, shampoo, blow dry and partial highlights. I have until 9-13-12 until it expires. I have called the salon and hairstylist SEVERAL times with no return call!! I went ahead and text him saying I needed an appt. he quickly responded, with “how did you hear about us” when I mentioned I had a voucher he quit all contact. I wrote to KGB asking for a full refund. They stated that unfortunately I can’t get a refund because I should have requested it with ten days of the sale date. But they can try and set up my appt for me, and if they aren’t able too, then I can have a refund.

    I am furious!! A) I don’t need some random company making my personal hair appointments. I wrote back and told them that as I work 3 jobs and because of that I need to make an appointment myself. B) Had I known I only really, had ten days to use a voucher, not the 6 months they said I had I would have never bought it!! Obviously this merchant has no plans on honoring the voucher and I want my refund!! If they do not attempt at making it right, I will report them to the US Attorney Generals office. If you were ripped off I suggest you do the same!

  69. dbublee1

    I had an issue with KGB around the holidays with 2 of thier vendors. I actually thought, well maybe they just do not check out vendors well but resolved not to sure them. I did finally get refunds from the actual companies involved but KGB is of no use for customer service. I cannot find an email even for them anymore. Unfortuntely I cannot find a way to opt out of the emails so got suckerd into another deal. This one was not a high price but what it was supposed to be and what it was actually did not really match up. This time I will NEVER use KGB again (or Dilleyo for that matter). Stick w/Groupon or Living Social.

  70. Michelle

    I also got ripped off by KGB, even though I received my product. I bought a ‘mystery deal’ that was advertised as $7 for $50 worth of mystery gifts. I thought it would be fun to get a box full of surprise goodies so I ordered it. It said it would ship in 21 days and after around 40 days I finally emailed them. They told me they were sorry that the deal never made it to me and that they would be shipping it out shortly and would send me a tracking number. I got my tracking number last week and when I checked this morning it said it was delivered. I went out to my mailbox and pulled out the tiniest padded envelope I’d ever seen. It came from some ‘shipping department’ address and had it not been for the tracking number I wouldn’t even have known it was from them. What were my $50 mystery gifts, you ask? A pen… Yes, a pen. One lousy pen that I paid them $7 for. It’s not even some spectacular pen that can do awesome things like write underwater, or upside-down, or in space! No, it’s just some crappy ‘wood’ pen in the cheapest vinyl pouch that’s already ripped in 2 places. I could have bought a pen like this at the 99 Cent Store and I wish I would have saved my $7 and gone there instead- at least then I could have gotten some cookies and VHS tapes to go with my crappy pen!

  71. I bought a kgb deal for a furminator pet deshedding tool 2 months ago. Maybe longer. I bought the deal, and then had to send an extra $10 to a PayPal account for shipping. Which, foolishly, I did. Big surprise: no furminator and no refund. As best I can tell KGB deals is a total scam. Either they are, or their merchants are, which from the consumer side is one and the same.

  72. Monique

    I wish would read all of this information before I purchased a handbag in September which still has not arrived! Earlier this year a couple friends and I purchased a brunch cruise on the lake. No problems with the voucher. I ordered a handbag in September… tracking number, no handbag! The response I received from my first inquiry in October: it has been shipped out and we are trying to get the tracking numbers. I put in an inquiry last week requesting a phone call, refund options, and the number to the vendor (can’t find them online…hmm. Probably get a response. I want my handbag or my $$$!!!

  73. I bought a $100 GC for The Cheesecake Factory @ $50. I thought I had the voucher in which I was going directly to TCF to use. To my suprise, I received an email telling me that they would be sending me a cift card and that I had to wait 4 week. 4WEEKS!!!!
    So, here I waited for my GC. No, doesnt end there……I later get a backup email telling me they had accepted the offer from someone supposedly “representing” The Cheesecake Factory, and the deal was no good. SERIOUSLY!!!! Have you ever eaten at this place? Saving $50 on $100 is a big deal when you are a single mom trying to treat your kids and a couple friends to something nice when on a budget. They tell me I have to wait for my refund now. From other reviews, I may be having to report them as well.
    OH!!! I forgot to tell you. My $100 GC also offered 2 FREE slices of cheesecake with the offer.
    Had I’d known all the bad reviews prior to now, I would never had ordered anything at all. Im now also waiting on 3 wireless notebooks. Hopefully they actually show up. These were great deals as well. After this, I wont be using the app any longer.

  74. AmyG

    I purchased a deal with KGB for Sparkling Clean. DON’T purchase from this vendor they are awful in responding (11 days and still no availability for at least a month) and never have any availability. I requested 3 times a refund from KGB because I hadn’t heard back from the vendor. I called 1-866-706-3915 and got a real person finally on the phone. However, they only answer the phones M-F 9-6pm eastern standard time. I am still waiting to see how long it takes them to process a refund. I sent my request in to the 10 days ago. I will keep you posted.

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