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Want to trade the financial markets and make tons of money? Most of us do but unfortunately it’s easier said than done.

That’s what’s given rise to loads of courses, trading programs and signal services.

One of the players in the trading education field is InvestView.

They offer a comprehensive trading program which they say is aimed at both beginners and expert traders.

I checked them out to get the truth!



“Is InvestView Just Another Scam?”

Upon looking over the website the were a couple of things that yelled out scam:

  • The headline “Learn 3 market beating strategies’

I don’t like it when such brave claims are made about outperforming the market without clear disclaimers. Outperforming the market is not easy and from my experience, you need to contiually evolve your strategy as opposed to simply learn a set of rules as this suggests.

  • Their incredible year-to-date performance of 29.5% while the Dow has dropped 3.1%

It may be true but I cannot see that their performance has been independently verified.

By looking the domain statistics I could see that InvestView had been around for quite some time but unfortunately there we’re hardly any reviews or other people’s thoughts on the company so I decided to take the plunge myself and see how good their course actually was. A one-off payment of $9.95 got me access to their materials for a whole 14 days.

A few points on the InvestView homepage roused my suspicions


“Is It Worth The Money?”

InvestView sure do try to impress in the 14 days that you have to try them out.

I went through a lot of their course material (couldn’t possibly go through it all) and it was surprisingly good.

They offer a 5 module training course that covers all you need to know in order to trade stocks and options. They also cover some clever trading strategies which I can see being profitable (didn’t have full access during my trial).

I can imagine it being a lot to take in for the beginner but as you can re-watch the videos when you want, that will make it a lot easier.

The backend system lets you watch a prerecorded video or a live webinar. I only managed to check out one webinar and although the sound was a little rattly, it was good. If I was taking this course for real, I’d just prefer to watch the recorded versions.

I can imagine a lot of people getting significant value from being able to contact the Coach’s directly so I tested that out. I sent my Coach a question so I could analyse his response. The coach replied after around 30 hours which isn’t great but I guess it’d suffice. The coach went into a reasonable amount of detail but didn’t explain all the nitty gritty. But I guess he gave me enough so that I could go off and do my own research.

I cancelled my membership before the $9.95 trial ended in fear that I’d be hit with a mammoth cost – as I already have extensive training in the financial markets and don’t plan on trading for a living, I chose not to stay on and instead use the knowledge I gained to write this review.

I was impressed with the training material after signing up for the trial


“Just Tell Me If I Should Sign Up!”

Oops, sorry.

I think you should sign up if:

  • You want an all-in-one resource that will teach you how to trade stocks and options
  • You want to learn online
  • You have the dedication to actually watch all the videos and interact with the community so that you get maximum value

If you are unsure, or even if you are sure, I recommend you sign up on the $9.95 trial beforehand. That’ll help you truly understand if the course is for you. You can sign up for the trial here.

The course is reasonably priced in comparison to other in depth courses and the information is legit. Thankfully, the membership is paid monthly and you can cancel at any time. Although you do get hit with a $499 set up fee. I guess the free trial will help you decide if that’s worth it.

InvestView is worth the money if you’re serious about learning how to trade stocks and options online


The Verdict:

If you’re a beginner / intermediate in the financial markets and are looking for some guidance, InvestView is worth a try and they do have solid training materials. I wouldn’t recommend it to the seasoned and advanced traders as you’ll probably have covered a lot of the content.

If you think it might be the solution for you, sign up to their trial before splashing out so you can actually test it all for yourself. Access the trial here.

InvestView doesn’t make it to the top of the legitimacy chart as I prefer companies to be a little more prudent in their claims (see first two bullet points). However, they are a legit company that does offer valuable information:

InvestView Scam

Remember to check out my reviews of other legit products and services.

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  1. Mike Mc

    These are the best courses for the $ THAT I have found,\. I looked into Rich Dad and found it to be a scam! Pls do not wast your $ on them. I have been with Investview for 2 yr and make $ consistently.

  2. Lawrence Galante

    I’m a somewhat experienced trader, and have been a memeber of InvestView for some 15 months.
    Although you gave InvestView a reasonalbly high rateing, I wonder at some of your criticisms.
    I agree their listed learning videos are excellent, and I’m suprised that they cover such a vast amount of stock and option techniques for $99/month.
    I don’t know why you said their claims are not verifyable. They post their trades win or lose for anyone to see.
    Once you get through their teaching videos, you can listen to their daily and bi weekly live broadcasts, and avail yourself of their live trades, which they clearly mark as “high risk”, “Med. Risk” & “Los risk”.
    I have found that taking their low & med. risk trades have been quite profitable, and that’s the reason that I continue my subscription, which gets cheaper if you subscribe to them on a yearly rate.
    But I do suggest that people try the tril rate and evaluate them for yourselves.

  3. Ken Nagle

    I have used the site for several months and find it excellent. They know their stuff. The online classes are good and most people will learn a lot from the online classes and they have some good proprietary material. They post all of their wins and losses and I think their claims on profitability are verififiable. This is a great site for the beginning investor and wanna be option trader. Iwas reasonablly experienced on the basics of opgtion trading, but have learned a lot from these guys and for finding trades.

  4. Clayton

    You should try their 7-Minute Trader. I know it is not advertised on their website, but it is doing amazing things for the small to mid-sized trader who can risk trading 5 to 100 contracts in a spread trade. I started with $10,000. I follow their newsletter very closely, sometimes adjusting it to higher risk. In 7 months, my scottrade options account is at $18,000. It would be at $25,000, but I mades some risky adjustments to their trades and it bit me in the butt twice. Stay in for the long haul and you get great weekly returns. I can not say enough about their 7-minute trader program. It has been awesome for me a biginner trader. After calling them, I found out that they also have a 7 minute options program coming soon.

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