How To Spot Scams

I’d like to go through the basics of spotting online scams. They usually possess some of the following characteristics:

    • Make exceptional claims and sound too good to be true

    • Promise that you’ll make money instantly or with little work


    • There’s no way to contact the site owners or the service you receive is poor / generic


    • You arrived at the website through pop-ups or other spammy links


    • Loading the site triggers another barrage of pop-ups


    • Have no reviews or separate sites created which are dedicated to providing a positive review


    • Does not take you to a secure ‘https‘ area when making payment


    • Require payment through anonymous methods such as Western Union


    • Advanced users – check factors such as the site’s PageRank, inbound links, domain age and whois information

A step that I take to help users of this site is to actually pay for and try out the service if it’s sitting in a grey area. Scammers work hard to mask their efforts and you need to remain vigilant to protect yourself!

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