Hatton Garden Metals

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Hatton Garden Metals

Want to sell your precious or scrap gold for cash? You could be in for a healthy profit if you find a place that will buy your gold for a reasonable sum.

During my search for the best company to sell your gold to online, I came across many horror stories such as:

  • Customers being offered around a quarter of what they expected to get based on gold valuations
  • Gold being melted without the customer accepting the quoted price (which they weren’t happy with!)


and the worst:

  • Gold apparently being lost in the post!!


“Will Hatton Garden Metals Scam Me?”

Unlike previous reviews where I run through every company that provides the service in question, due to the sheer number of gold trading places out there, I decided to just provide a single review on the best company there is and then add them to the legit ways to make money page.

Therefore, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, I can confidently say that Hatton Garden Metals will not scam you.

How do I know? I looked at the following:

  • I trawled through tons of reviews for over 15 gold trading websites and Hatton Garden Metals had consistently positive feedback
  • The reviews site Free Index has 235 positive reviews for Hatton Garden Metals and zero negative reviews – that is a impressive achievement
  • Their scrap gold prices are linked to the London Gold Fix Index meaning they are always accurate
  • Leading UK website Money Saving Expert tried them out and Hatton Garden Metals paid more than all other websites and even more than high street jeweler!


“How Does It All Work?”

Selling your scrap gold to Hatton Garden Metals is a simple process:

  1. You use their online form and enter details of your gold. That then provides you with a guide price and you choose how you’d like to get paid
  2. You then post them your gold via Royal Mail Special Delivery
  3. They’ll pay you via your chosen payment method, usually on the same day they receive the gold!


‘What Are The Alternatives?”

If you prefer not to sell your gold online, you could get a quote from a few local jewelers. However, as with anything, make sure you shop around to get the best price.

Scrap gold also sells on eBay. Check the prices of similar listings to get an idea of a guide price and the way to market your gold. Also, make sure you have some positive feedback or else buyers will get suspicious.


The Verdict:

Hatton Garden Metals is the best place to sell your gold online in the UK (they do accept gold from outside the UK but you’ll typically have to pay extra postage and insurance).

As the legitimacy of Hatton Garden Metals has been verified by so many sources, it tops our legitimacy chart:

Hatton Garden Metals Review

Click here to visit Hatton Garden Metals.

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