Flannels Fashion: Online Delivery Scam

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Flannels Fashion: Online Delivery Scam

On this website, so far I have reviewed services that you guys have asked me to review. And services or products that people are unsure about buying (thank you Google keyword suggestions)!


Unfortunately, today I write about my own experience – one of the worst I’ve had with any company. Company in point: Flannels.


Hoping that someone searching for Flannels discount codes or the next sale learns from my experience (and that of hundreds of others) and thinks twice. Or simply makes an informed decision.


What happened?


Plain and simple – my parcel worth £800 or so didn’t arrive. The driver admitted that she left it behind a bin in my driveway (smart, huh?) and when I raised the issue with Flannels they acknowledged that they spoke to the regional manager of the delivery company (Hermes) who confirmed this. Reassuringly at first, the initial customer service rep mentioned that I would be refunded in a few days after signing the confirmation of non-receipt.

When I called up around 10 days later with no refund in sight, the person I got through to this time said there are no notes on the system with the delivery company admitting liability and that it would be investigated. This is when panic started to set in.


What’s happening now?


It’s almost two months later and it’s pretty simple – no one responds to my emails and when I call, whoever is on the line sympathizes and promises someone will get back to me. But nothing. Zip. I filed a complaint via Money Saving Expert’s resolver tool (escalated to: Michelle Simpson, Head of Flannels Customer Services) and not even that was enough for me to get a response. Next step will be to contact the consumer and retail ombudsman. How fun.


Anyone else had issues?

Unfortunately I discovered their TrustPilot page a little too late. An overall rating as ‘Poor’ and reviews such as:


“I spent £400 including spending £100 on versace trainers only having to recieve £15 kangol shoes and missing items. Now they want me to sign a form to say my parcel was not delivered. Rude staff at customer services who cut me off on the phone after acting like a police officer. Never again. Highly recommend not to shop here. Rather pay double elsewere and atleast recieve the items. ”


“I purchased a designer bag online from this company in Dec 2016 The bag arrived promptly but was damaged with marks and scratches to the front of it. No problem you’d think, they’ll exchange or refund it you’d think. Well that’s where your problems start. There is no means of contacting this company when you have a problem. They do not answer their customer service phone lines nor do they respond to emails. I contacted one of their stores and was told by the manager that even the stores cannot get through to the head office by phone.


His advice was to just keep emailing and hope they respond!!! I resorted to twitter and after many, many tweets they asked me to return the faulty bag. I did this over 2 weeks ago and havent heard a thing from them since. They have my money, they have the faulty bag and aren’t responding to any form of communication. Twitter has many disgruntled Flannels customers asking about refunds for faulty and non received goods/orders so my story seems to be the norm for them.
My advice to anyone thinking of buying from this company is to not bother – read the reviews on here, look at twitter and then buy your item from a reputable company with a good customer service history. Company owned by Sports Direct need I say more !!! ”


And lets not forget their Reviews.co.uk page – a whopping rating of 3.91. Just browse the first page – out of all 20 reviews that can be displayed, 18 are 1 star. This seems like a typical experience:


“After taking our money on 21 Nov and given a Hermes tracking number which was never verified we received nothing, with no contact ”


“I paid 5.99 for a delivery of 2-3 days however it says still waiting for courier to collect. I contacted flannels through fb they told me to contact customer service via phone which I did, I waited 30mins getting closer to number one then I got cut off??? I have called again…but still waiting. all I wanted to know if I could get the item befor xmas – I should of shopped with another store but went with flannels thinking it was better known,”


“Awful customer service, I haven’t received my items after 2 weeks, my parcel went to another address. They won’t sort it out until they revive the goods from the wrong address. What a joke of online retailer. Keep away, use Harvey Nichols or Selfridges, Mainline menswear, Stones menswear. All 100% better than Flannels”


Conclusion: Don’t shop at Flannels. Too many other great alternatives. I have been a customer of ASOS for years – 1000x better! Only once had an issue with a return (out of around 50 deliveries & returns) and they promptly sorted it out.


Have you had a positive or negative experience with Flannels? Let me know your experience in the comments below.


Update: April 2017 – I escalated the complaint to the retail ombudsman. They said they will make efforts to contact Flannels but as they are not registered with the scheme, cannot guarantee a response. Two weeks later Flannels sends me a refund. No note or comments attached. Just a full refund. So looks like they ignored this post, reviews on other sites and my calls/emails but the retail ombudsman prompted them into action. Which is great news for other people having the same issue. Would have been 100x better if they sent an apology/explanation along with the refund but hey, I’m happy the episode is over.


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