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Want a designer bag but not at the designer price? Fashionphile could be the answer.

Fashionphile buy used bags from a variety of sources, including people that sell directly to them, from eBay and elsewhere.

They then verify it’s authenticity and sell it on their site, or back on eBay, for between 60% and 80% of the original retail price.

Sounds good if you’re a bag lover on a budget, right?

However, worryingly, a few people have raised questions about whether Fashionphile has been selectively scamming people. I checked this out…


“Is Fashionphile A Scam?”

This review was motivated by a close friend’s purchase of a Chanel bag from Fashionphile and due to the nature of their business, I could see the potential for skepticism.

Thankfully, my friend had a positive experience with Fashionphile:

  • The bag was authentic (she’s a Chanel expert)
  • The bag had minor cosmetic damage that was noted in the description for the particular bag
  • It arrived in a timely manner and the rep (Ben) answered her questions quickly and efficiently

Although Fashionphile handled this transaction well, I dug into the experience of others to get a more representative view.


“What Has Been The Experience Of Others?”

Many reputable sources have vouched for the legitimacy of Fashionphile. However, among the positive reviews, there are some negatives:

  • “Customer service is slow

Different people have different levels of acceptability when it comes to customer service and waiting times. Although my friend’s queries were answered promptly, it appears that communication does sometimes slow down as certain customers have mentioned having to wait over a week for a reply. Now that is not acceptable.

Fashionphile do have a contact number on their website which people have reported success with. They also have a live chat feature but unfortunatley when I tried to check up on them, an agent wasn’t available and I was asked to leave a message.

  • “My refund took ages

Fashionphile’s refund policy is as follows:

Yes. Items may be returned for a full refund within 7 days of receipt. The Fashionphile Security Tag must be attached and intact to receive a full refund. Items postmarked on the 7th day after the item was received are eligible for the return refund. In order to avoid unnecessary returns, please read the description and view the photos carefully, especially noting the size of the items and any flaws. Of course, for authenticity- full refund including shipping both ways- no questions asked (although, you just aren’t going to need this one– we only sell the real deal!).

I think that’s a good refund policy and although delays can be very frustrating, I haven’t heard of a case where Fashionphile has failed to honor a refund request.

  • “The bags are overpriced

This is a subjective point. What is overpriced for Mrs A could be a bargain for Miss B. Items are generally sold at a reduction of 60% to 80% of the retail price which is enough to make you take a deeper look at their offering. It also saves you the risk of battling through eBay which is riddled with fakes.


The Verdict:

Fashionphile is a legitimate company that has rapidly grown since being launched a few years ago, demonstrating the consumers’ need for luxury products at a reduced cost.

It appears that Fashionphile is continuing to experience growing pains and it needs to work on it’s service levels to prevent its reputation being damanged.

Upon reviewing tons of positive feedback on Fashionphile’s eBay profile and elsewhere, including their method to resolve buyer complaints, I conclude that Fashionphile is a good place to buy or sell a handbag or other luxury accessories.

Here’s how they rank on the legitimacy chart:

Fashionphile Scam

You can visit Fashionphile here. Be sure to check out our deals & discounts page to discover other legit services that you should find useful.

If you’ve had experience with Fashionphile or have thoughts on them as a whole, feel free to leave your comments below.

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  1. “Beverly Hills Store” Horrible Customer Service. I placed a phone call to that location today to ask question regarding my layaway and the young lady that answered the phone was very rude. No telephone etiquette at all! Really sad considering the high end merchandise that store sells. Totally unacceptable I will spend my money elsewhere!!!

  2. PDlamini

    Horrendous Customer Service I recently submitted items for quoting, and they were accepted, once I sent them in i received an email that the items were received but one of my items was not authentic. I know 100% this is not true, but whatever. I was asked to pay a $75 fee to return it to me (which was how much they offered me for it, so basically I’m paying them for an item I already owned), but whatever and I wrote back that I would as soon as I received confirmation that I would receive ALL 3 items back and not just the inauthentic one. I received 2 automated emails stating once the fee was paid my item would be returned, and a partial email where I believe someone was trying to say yes or confirm, but they seem to be technologically illiterate and the message was unfinished and the automated message saying once I paid the Item (not items) would be sent back. I have been asking for confirmation for 2 weeks that ALL items would be returned and kept getting no real response. Finally, today, someone emails me and says that the check was mailed and the items were paid for, and they can stop the payment on the check for a $25 fee on TOP of the $75 they want to charge me for not authenticating an authentic LV strap. Now let’s be clear, they purchase my LV luggage tag for $15 and are reselling it for $125, and my LV poignet they purchased for $10 and are selling it for $50. Thats an 80% margin. So I guess I’ll cash the $25, but my strap is considered stolen merchandise in my book.

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