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Want to know if Envirofone (UK phone recycling company) is a scam before you actually send your phone into the abyss?

Or has something dodgy happened for you to search those dreaded words’ Envirofone scam’?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, read on.


 Is Envirofone a scam?

Thankfully, they’re not run by criminals whose only aim is to rob you and it looks like there are a decent number of happy customers.

However, it’s not all happy families and there is cause for concern. There have been numerous complaints about Envirofone that is starting to push it out of legitimate territory.


What Are These Complaints?

It appears that Envirofone really need to sort out there internal processes as there have been some real strange going-ons. For example, customer reports have shown the following:

  • Reducing the offer price

There have been many reports of perfectly fine phones being sent to them and then getting their offer price slashed due to damage that the sender is sure wasn’t there before. Some of this can be attributable to microscopic damage but other accounts have to be down to errors in their system. Why? Read the next point

  •  Phones heal themselves

As mentioned, many customers that have complained about their phone being devalued due to damage but then, surprisingly, some have had their valuations increased after a recheck – sometimes back to its original amount! Have certain phones developed healing powers? If so, I want one!

What this shows is that Envirofone’s testing system is not reliable. Customers should not have to phone in to get the valuation propped back up.


What Can I Do About It?

If you are intent on using Envirofone, don’t just send the phone in the jiffy bag they post you. Make sure you add several layers of your own bubble wrap and post it recorded delivery. you may also want to consider opting for insured mail if your phone is of high value.

You should also take good-quality photos of your phone from all angles so that you have proof of it’s quality before sending.

If your phone is with Envirofone and they have devalued it due to damage you didn’t know about, lodge a stern complaint and reiterate that it was fine when you sent it.

If the price doesn’t reach the level you want, ask for it to be returned and sell it elsewhere.


Where Else Can I Sell my Phone?

The first port of call for most people is eBay – although dealing with a private seller can sometimes be a bit of a hassle.

Another option is to go to a local shop that trades in stuff like computers, games and phones for cash.

The last easy option is to use a different phone recycling company. Many, many users have had a positive experience with Mazuma mobile so this is worth checking out.

We also conducted our own review on them which reiterated that they are a top-notch company (see Mazuma scam for the review). Payouts in Maxuma are generally in line with those at Envirofone and they pay you on the same day.


The Verdict:

The reviews on Envirofone have been really mixed. Some think they’re great while others think they’re a scam. Due to the number of users that have complained about the company and the trends in these complains over a significant length of time, Envirofone scores low on the legitimacy chart:

Envirofone Scam

We recommend Mazuma as a more reliable alternative. Remember to check out our other legit ways to make money.

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  1. Robert Milligan

    I used Envirofone recently for the first and last time, definately not an honourable company. It is very easy to advertise one price for a phone, when in actual fact the quoted price will never be paid. Scammmers in my opinion !

  2. Ben

    My phone arrived at Envirofone with a cracked screen. Didn’t send it that way, I find it impossible to believe it cracked in transit.

    Never use them, ever.

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