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ClassiPress Theme

Is ClassiPress a scammy, bug-filled theme?

Hell No!

ClassiPress is 100% legit and an absolutely awesome WordPress theme that can help you make some serious money online.

The script, and others produced by AppThemes, have allowed the average Joe to easily enter new markets and finally get access to the feature set of pros.

It’s a script that has helped me make thousands online per month. If you’re willing to give up that opportunity, don’t carry on reading.



“Another Damn WordPress Theme?! Why Is It Worth My Time & Money??”

There are way too many WordPress themes out there that annoyingly only possess minor differences like different size headers or extra image space.

AppThemes decided to do something different – they create highly functional business themes that are totally designed around making YOU money.

99% of Internet marketers are aware of WordPress, how easy it is to install new themes and the power that can be gained from additional plugins. ClassiPress takes advantage of all this, culminating in a powerful yet easy to use site.

It’s worth your time and money because:

  • A classified ads site can make you a hell of a lot of money

You can create a classified ads site for almost everything and anything that people want to buy and sell. Taking a look through the many complex categories on places like eBay and TradeKey show you just how many opportunities there are to make a site dedicated to a particular niche.

Here are just a few ideas from the top of my head where there are opportunities:

  • Buy and sell cars based on different makes and countries. For example, I could target VW enthusiasts in the UK
  • Specialist sites for pets e.g. one for snakes, another for cats, etc.
  • Property rental / sale based on different areas or countries. This could even be segmented by type of property
  • Business to business machinery sales e.g. cranes, forklifts and more

That has probably given you an idea of just how many different niches there are out there that could do with a classified ads site.

But what if these sites already have a classified ads site that serves them? No problem; undercut the site on listing fees, provide good supplemental content or target a specific area. Furthermore, the chances are ClassiPress will beat the existing site when it comes to functionality anyway.

So how much can you make with a classified ads site?

Guys in the appthemes forums have shown that they make thousands a month with their sites. I personally make around $2,000 a month with one of my ClassiPress sites that is around 7 months old.

To silence the skeptics about the power of classified ads sites (namely ClassiPress), I’ve added earnings proof below. This screenshot was taken from the backend of my site which shows the latest stats:


Earnings Proof

These earnings are from listing and featured ad fees. However, I also make money with AdSense ads on the site.

Admittedly, the site is in a pretty saturated niche and I had to battle for the top position. But now that I’ve got it, income is fairly stable. Furthermore, as AppThemes keep releasing new features, my site continues to get stronger. That brings me onto my next point.


  • AppThemes provide lifetime updates at a one-off cost

Appthemes are continually working on new theme releases that contain even more powerful features. Shockingly, you’re entitled to this for a one-off price of $99.

I would have been up for paying a subscription for such as awesome product and bearing in mind the ongoing support that you get in the forums.

Guys in the forums have given me ideas for new sites, helped me plan the monetization of my own sites and even given away free premium ClassiPress plugins (thanks Rubencio)!

On a slight tangent, people that try to download this theme illegally are a**holes as they miss out on these two, hugely important benefits.


  • Content is user generated – Great SEO benefits

Just as with many other people, I often cant be ar*ed to perform SEO. I’d rather create content and build relationships.

The great thing about my ClassiPress site and others out there is that users add the content. All of the listings they create looks good in the eyes of all-mighty Google. Furthermore, as the ads they publish get indexed, you’ll probably end up ranking for more long-tail keywords and some you hadn’t even thought of. ClassiPress has been specifically designed with SEO in mind – from user images to URLs and more – that’s one of the reasons why I was able to top the competition in my niche.


  • Awesome features

ClassiPress is packed with tons of features, and frankly – too many to mention here. You’re better of checking out the feature list for yourself.

When I was hunting for a classifieds script I came across loads of varietys. From Noahs classifieds, Iki classifieds and many, many more.

ClassiPress stood out with its great user reviews and exhaustive feature list. What’s more, ClassiPress recently released version 3.1 (the most highly anticipated release ever!) and this really took things to the next level.

ClassiPress is a great piece of software that lets anyone and everyone create a classified ads site that can make good money. There are still tons of niches available to exploit and ClassiPress empowers you to take advantage


“Don’t You Have Anything Bad To Say You ClassiPress Fanboy??!”

Ummmmm…. well, there’s just one thing.

The release of ClassiPress 3.1 was badly delayed and that pi*sed a number of people off – including me. I was so excited about this new feature list and it just seemed continually out of reach. However, AppThemes seem to have learnt from those delays and they made several changes to their release management including launching a theme release status page and employing new programmers to handle the extra work and demand.

The ClassiPress forum has now settled back down and everyone’s is as happy as every.

You’re lucky that you’re getting involved at the stage where ClassiPress has its best feature set ever.

Really, there are no negatives. As shown above, it helps me make thousands a month so I think it’s a godsend


The Verdict:

ClassiPress has significantly bumped up my monthly earnings and that wouldn’t have been possible if ClassiPress wasn’t a great theme. If you’re serious about making money online, a classified ads site could seriously bump up your online income. I’m planning to launch a few more sites once my current projects are done and dusted, as it’s so easy to get started.

ClassiPress comes at a cost of just $99 with unlimited lifetime updates. However, they also have a club membership, which I personally think is the better option. It’s $249 but that means you get access to all of their themes (and future themes!) plus lifetime updates on everything!!!

With themes like ClassiPress, JobRoller (create your own job board), Clipper (coupon site, amazing affiliate integration), and others in the pipeline, this is definitely the best option. I recently launched a niche job board and a coupon site and they’re already bringing in decent revenue.

ClassiPress gives the average individual the chance to make serious money online. Forget going with the herd and trying to make money with a blog; making money with a business theme provided by AppThemes is a much easier and potentially profitable venture from my experience.

AppThemes are a reliable, transparent and highly skilled team. Therefore, they get a top ranking on the legitimacy chart:

ClassiPress Review

You can see the full ClassiPress feature list here. Make sure you also check out the otherĀ legit internet marketing products that have helped me generate a full-time income online.

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