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Payday loans can be the cause of much grief for borrowers and in my last few reviews I’ve shifted through the good, the borderline and the ugly.

For my next review, I’m taking a look at CashNetUSA.

I already reviewed their partner company in the UK, QuickQuid, and I wasn’t blown away by it due to better alternatives (Wonga).

This review will take a look at the complaints relating to CashNetUSA and I’ll determine whether it is a legit, ethical company.



“Is CashNetUSA Scammy? Can They Be Trusted??”

Upon trawling through tons of reviews, endorsements and by calling their helpline to quiz the staff, I can safely say that CashNetUSA can be trusted and they are a legitimate company.

Here are the main concerns raised and the truth behind it:

  • Unprofessional debt collection agency demanding money

It appears that a group of scammers claimed to be from CashNetUSA in order to build legtimacy. They then try to scam you out of money.

CashNetUSA’s in-house collectors follow strict procedures and industry best practices. Things that should give it away that you’ve been called by a scammer and not someone actually representing CashNetUSA is the following:

  • You paid back your loan in full.
  • The caller threatens violence, intimidation or uses foul language.
  • The caller threatens arrest or other criminal action, or references your driver’s license or check fraud.
  • The caller threatens to garnish your wages.
  • The caller is unable or unwilling to provide loan agreement information or payment history when you ask for it.

If you think you may have been contacted by a scam debt collection agency, click here for guidance from CashNetUSA themselves.

  •  They charged me tons of interest after I didn’t pay the loan back

If you don’t pay your loan back in time, you will be charged tons of interest – simple. The precise level of interest and fees will be laid out when you take out the loan.

Unfortunately, many people take out a payday loan without being 100% sure they can pay it back. If there are any doubts in your mind, please don’t take out a payday loan as you can soon end up in a downward debt spiral.


“What’s So Good About CashNetUSA??”

I’ve come across many payday lenders and CashNetUSA is amongst my favorites for the following reasons:

  • After you select your state on their site, you’ll be presented with a pretty little table which shows you exactly how much you’ll have to pay back depending on how much you borrow.
  • They have 24/7 customer services and a live chat which has always been available when I’ve logged on the site. This really helps those customers who run into trouble or unsure about how things work.
  • They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and their complaint history shows that they handle them well
  • Their site doesn’t contain high-pressure sales material and they spell everything out in plain English


“In What Circumstances Should I Take Out A Loan With Them?”

If you’re reading this before taking out a loan with CashNetUSA, it shows that you’re responsible and you’re doing your research before jumping in. Good on you.

You should only take out a loan with CashNetUSA if:

  • You can’t raise money elsewhere. For example: friends, family, by selling stuff on eBay, to a pawnbroker, etc.
  • You’ve tried to make money elsewhere. Maybe by working extra shifts or looking at alternative ways to make money.
  • You’ve considered getting a loan from a credit union.
  • You know that without a shadow of a doubt that you’ll be able to pay the loan back on time.
  • You’re using the loan for something essential and NOT to get into more debt e.g. by buying a car.


The Verdict

CashNetUSA is a legit lender and they have many ethical traits which make me favor them over the competition.

The company ranks high on the legitimacy chart:

CashNetUSA Scam

You can sign up to CashNetUSA here. You can also check out our full list of legit payday loan companies.

Feel free to leave your comments on CashNetUSA or payday loans in general below.

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  1. Renae

    I agree with your article on CashNetUSA. They also offer a discount program on fees after you take out various loans – up to 30% off the fees.

    If you have to use this service for any length of time to work your way out of using it – it is helpful to have a slash in fees.

      SO BEWARE !!!!!

      • steve

        You are wrong about the rate of payback for the 400 dollar loan. These arw great lenders and I have a platinum status and they stand by their agreement with you.

  2. Lynne

    I have used CashNetUSA and everything that was said is true. Whenever I’ve spoken to anyone there they were always very helpful. I have never had a problem. As Renae said after you’ve paid off loans (I’m not sure how many) you get a 30% discount on your next loan. I have never not been able to pay a loan back when it was due but I can see how people can get into trouble when they don’t. Therefore don’t use this service if you know you can’t pay your loan. Otherwise it’s a good source if you run into a situation when you need cash fast.

  3. I have been with them for awhile now and have had great success . Thank you cashnet for all your help.

  4. Employee

    I don’t know what code of ethics I’m breaking or if I’m breaching my contract but as an employee of the CashNetUsa call-center, I can say this is a pretty good in a nut-shell article that gets to the points regarding CashNetUsa’s procedures and practices. What I can add on for anyone reading this is to please read your contract carefully to know exactly what’s going to happen on your due date and why. Also there’s rules and policies we have to stick to when debiting an account or when a due date falls. Once payment is sent to the bank, nothing on God’s green earth can make us recall or cancel the payment unless it was specifically our fault and there is solid proof of it. Yelling and screaming at a rep will not help the situation any better and will not get your request processed faster. Also fake collectors are an issue that is on going and sees no end. To conclude, when requesting a payday loan be smart and know you have the resources to pay it back in full when it is due. Hope this helped.

    • Sandip

      Thank you so much for your insight – I’m sure it’ll be of use to future CashNet customers!

  5. Interested

    I’m glad i did my research… I know with out a doubt that i will be able to pay back my loan i just got shorted on a paycheck past couple of weeks and need help. I think ill go ahead with Cash Net, thank for the insight. while it is expensive to do.. some people really just need help. you just have to make sure you pay back in a timley manner ,and read the fine print.

  6. I was approved for a loan from cah net usa for $250.00,i should recieve it tomorrow march 19,2012….hopefully its n the bank becuz i trusted this site….We’ll see wut happens

  7. Robert Batitto

    Apparently I seem to be the lone negative. My perception was that I borrowed 200.00 on Febuary 15 and authorized the company to withdraw the amount due on March 1. March 1 came and gone and they never took out the 200.00. Today March 23 I received an Email re payment. Bottom line- onnMarch 30 this company will take 296.31 . That’s 96.31 for the use of 200.00. Each person I spoke to including customer service I received an Emmy performance song and dance re why they did not take the 200.00 out on March 1 as the said they would and the permission I gave them. Suddenly it was not a payday loan but a credit card with a max of 850..00. I never opened a charge. I was prepared to fullful by responsibility but obviously they were more interested in conning my loan into a credit card. BE CAREFUL,. THEY HAVETHE LENDING LAWS ON GHEIR SIDE BUT THEY MANIPULATE THE PROCEDURES.

  8. should i sue the loan company for fraud for taking money without permission. i will hire the best attorney possible for my case.

  9. Aliastair

    I borrowed, and paid it, but they still took almost $300 out of my account every two weeks after the amount was paid in full. This went on for 6 months, and each time, I had to get with my bank to get the money back.
    Then I was called and harassed for not making the payments. WITH PROOF IT WAS PAID!
    Took 18 months to get it cleared up.

  10. Jerry

    They also take advantage of the elderly. A friend took out a $2000 loan and thought it was at 29% interest! Well guess what it wasn’t 29% interest it was 299% interest! So by the time he pays it off the loan is going to cost him nearly $12,000 for a $2000 loan! And this ethical? Taking advantage of people in dire need is not!

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