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CashCrate is of those get paid to do stuff programs and as with many sites like this, many are searching for ‘CashCrate Scam‘.

The stuff that you can do for money includes things such as completing offers and taking surveys.

Lets find out the facts of whether it’s a scam or legit:

  • The domain is six years old
  • It has a respectively high Google PageRank of 5
  • The site has thousands of reputable links and endorsements coming to it, some from the most respectable bloggers there are

I registered on the site myself and completed a few offers to make sure that it worked as expected. It did and I even got a nice little $1 registration bonus. I think it’s safe to say that CashCrate is legit.


“You Sure!? Tell Me About Other Users’ Experience With It”

The dedicated CashCrate affiliate sites can safely be ignored. Instead, I delved into the experience from reputable blog owners. The main takeaways were:

  • The company paid promptly
  • The affiliate program was awesome and helped increase earnings exponentially
  • Payouts per offer and survey completed we’re generally a little low but once you get efficient, it’s a lot easier to rack up the dollars
  • There are a few CashCrate tips that really help boost income
  • A great attribute was the ability to login and start completing surveys / taking offers right away rather than have them emailed to you


“How Does CashCrate Work?”

This video saves me from providing a laborious explanation 🙂


Here are another few quick-stats:

  • Minimum joining age is just 13
  • 1st Tier Referral Earnings – 20%
  • 2nd Tier Referral Earnings – 10%
  • You Get An Extra Bonus of $3 for any referral that earns $10
  • It allows international membership
  • Payment Is by Cheque or PayPal
  • It’s Free To Join

The Verdict:

Thorough research shows that CashCrate is one of the top survey / get paid to do stuff programs and I’m glad to see it’s been established enough to attract endorsements from many other respected bloggers. As at the time of writing, it has over  2 million members worldwide! I’m also pleased to see that they have a ‘payment wall’ where users have posted income proof from CashCrate. Apart from instill confidence, that helps boost morale.

Here’s the compulsory legitimacy chart for CashCrate:

You can sign up to CashCrate here. Also, remember to check out our complete list of legit make money online services.

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  1. I thought it was a scam at first, but I was totally proven wrong once I received my first check. I did a couple of surveys (didn’t take much effort), then I requested my check. I was able to cash it just fine. I’m making an average of $200 dollars a month now hardly doing anything and it’s kind of fun actually. If you have questions, feel free to ask under my CC reference. I posted pictures of my checks too. 🙂

    Good luck!

  2. Lep

    Cash Crate is a wonderful oppurtunity. Start earning now with the link below and get a 1$ bonus!

  3. Interesting response Julie, but I am sure I just read the exact same thing at another site.

    As to cashcrate it self, I have been with them and making money since 2008 so it certainly isn’t a scam.

  4. Tom M

    cash crate works great for me, ive made a good amount of extra pocket change so far

  5. steve

    Any company that tricks you into soing something with promice of payment…then states “sorry” try again is scamming you.

    I don’t care if it is only one survey..they got my personal info many times over on my first visit and even got me to fill out an entire survey they said i qualified for…then told me”sorry,you didn’t qualify for that one”…20 minute waste of my life and they didn’t even give me my .80 cents…textbook definition of scammers…liars….cheaters…DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AT THIS SITE…they are already rich and so don’t care about your poor ass at all. Scammed me out of my 80 cents….real winners…mom must be proud Mike

  6. sandra

    its legit and i love it, they pay really good.

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