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Bookmarking Demon

I purchased Bookmarking Demon over a year ago and was lured in as it was being pumped by a successful affiliate marketer.

The intro video on their site didn’t wow me but it did seem useful; I could submit my sites to hundreds of social bookmarking sites in just a few minutes – great!

Social bookmarking helps with search engine optimization and your content getting found by search engines.

This ‘expert’ affiliate marketer said that this software alone had helped him rank in for profitable keywords so I thought it was worth a punt.


“Did It Work? Is That The Secret To Making Trillions Online?!”

The answer is no to both of those questions.

The software does have access to hundreds of social bookmarking sites and you can bulk submit your sites but it isn’t as easy as they make out. Firstly, you have to manually fill out every CAPTCHA code when your sites are being submitted. That could equate to around a 100 CAPTCHA’s which can drive you pretty insane. They have recently updated it so that you can buy credits from a CAPTCHA filling service but spending any extra money on something that didn’t seem to deliver any results doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Most importantly, the whole process seemed very black-hat and shady.

Sitting there filling out hundreds of CAPTCHA’s made me feel like I was working in a sweatshop (albeit, a pretty luxury sweatshop). The text that runs along the screen when it’s submitting to social bookmarking sites also made it feel spammy:

“Simulating human behavior”

“Login failed – your user ID may have been banned”

‘Proxy is not enabled – showing your IP address”

I think I’m just not cut-out for this mass-spam, automation crap.

After realizing that I wasn’t getting any results and that I had turned into a spammer, I decided to go back to basics. That’s submitting to a couple of high-quality bookmarking sites and actually adding value within the community. And not to forget, relying on my valuable audience to submit to bookmarking sites if my content is up to scratch.


“So Is Bookmarking Demon A Scam?!”

Bookmarking Demon is not a scam as they give you the advertised product and don’t just run off with your money.

But, I think it’s a poor product because:

  • You’ll spend ages filling out CAPTCHA’s
  • You waste time creating fake accounts that will submit to social bookmarking sites
  • If you submit too much your URL and / or precious fake account that you created will get banned
  • I didn’t see any change in SERPS


“But What Do Other People Say?! I Really Wanted It!”

There’s a mixed bag of reviews. You have some people, including many dedicated affiliate sites due to the large commission on offer, that pump the product – like the asshole ‘expert’ affiliate marketer that mentioned it to me. However, reassuringly for me, some other legit bloggers also think it’s a waste of money.


The Verdict

Don’t waste your money and instead, submit to social bookmarking sites manually and add value within the community. I know it’s hard work but trust me, it’ll pay off. And don’t forget the tons of other white-hat link building strategies that will give you the results you (may) deserve. Check out the legit people who provide awesome SEO tips.

The Bookmarking Demon legitimacy chart:

Bookmarking Demon Scam

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