Blogging to the Bank

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Blogging to the Bank

For my first scam or not review on this site, I decided to take a look at Blogging to the Bank (BTTB) – a service offered by Rob Benwell that claims to start making you up to an unusually precise “$456.98 per day”. The sales pitch also claims that you can “…quit your day job today“.

I wonder what magic powder he has that can really allow someone to quit their day job after just registering. These incredible claims set off my scam sense so I dig deeper.

The first thing that concerns me is that this site supposedly sold on Flippa around 6 months ago. Therefore, it shouldn’t still have Rob in the introductory video showing off HIS ClickBank account.

Upon further examination of the homepage I’m confused as to why their are a bunch of company logo’s in the corner. Namely, Google, Bing, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook and more.

What is Rob, or the new webmaster, trying to say? They can be found on major search engines? Facebook endorse them? AOL are their parent company?

I think the message that’s trying to be conveyed is that these big, trusted and respectable brands actually back the program. Seeing these logos probably give visitors a false sense of security. You can’t click these links and they don’t have a title besides them as one would expect. Pretty sneaky in my opinion.

The Blogging to the Bank homepage looks spammy and deceptive


“But Tons of Other Reviews Endorse Blogging to the Bank…”

A major segment of the people that have written positive reviews have done so in order to grab the large affiliate commission on offer.

I found many shallow affiliate sites set up with the sole purpose of endorsing the product. I don’t believe these are true, reliable endorsements as they offer little content on the actual program and contain generic fluff that can be applied to just about any blogging course.

I’ve even see Google AdWord ads that offer a compelling headline such as “Blogging to the Bank – The Truth Will Shock You” and that then simply redirect you to the BTTB homepage. That’s having placed a potentially profitable ‘cookie’ on your system. I guess the affiliate commissions make that tactic worthwhile.

Positive endorsements are coming from commission mad affiliates


“What Have Other ‘Real Reviewers’ Said?”

Once you dig a little deeper into user experiences of the service the horror stories start to arise:

“I’ve been submitting support tickets for 3 weeks now and no one has responded and I keep getting charged”


“Blogging to the bank has ripped me off more than 1000$ and never done anything to respond to my emails and tried to hide their support mail too”


“Too bad I ran into it too late and bought the worthless info. I guess I can add to all the worthless scams I bought”

From looking at the BTTB backlink network, it appears that Rob did have a legitimate business many years ago and during that period he did pick up a few endorsements from notable bloggers in the internet marketing niche. However, the service seems to have gone steeply downhill from there to the point where people start using the damming S word (that’s scam, bye the way).

Many real customer reviews show a negative experience


The Verdict:

My verdict is that this product is so poor it verges on being a scam, as shown in my legitimacy chart.


The key reasons for that are:

  • Extraordinary claims
  • False scarcity tactics
  • Damming reviews
  • Availability of free, high-quality blogging information elsewhere

If you’ve had experience with BTTB, feel free to leave your comments below. And remember to check out our page that contains links to tried and tested, fully legitimate Internet market products and services.

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  1. thanks man , you saved my money. i was just going to buy it but just read your view , thanks again.

    • Sandip

      Hi Aman,

      I’m glad it helped 🙂

      Truth is, all the Internet marketing information that you’ll need to help you succeed is already out there for free!

      Beware of products that claim to make you rich quick – it only really makes the seller rich.

  2. Hi Sandip! I am glad I came to your site about BTTB. I was really uncertain if I should purchase it because I know a little of the basics of blogging and all that stuff. Yes, you’re right that everything is free in the internet if you know where to look. The rule still applies, if it’s too good to be true, then maybe it is. Thanks man, you are a big help!

    • Sandip

      Happy to hear that, Philip 🙂

      The guys that I mention in the ‘Legit People’ section provide awesome free tips on blogging and making money online that I highly recommend you check out:

      Best of luck!

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