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For this review, I took a break from my recent financial and consumer product analysis and decided to jump back into the beloved Internet marketing world and check out 123LinkIt.

In a nutshell, the plugin automatically converts keywords in your blog to affiliate links without you having to do anything (apart from install it!).

I heard of 123LinkIt from a trusted friend within the industry and the concept got me pretty excited – I thought for some time that there has been a gaping need to make the affiliate marketing linking process easier.

I for one get fed up with signing up to new affiliates programs, or wondering if I’ll get approved, and then linking each relevant keyword one by one.

123LinkIt helps solve this problem and it claims to go beyond that. Before I start blabbling on about what’s great and lame about this plugin, it’s best if I properly describe what it does.


“What The Hell Is 123LinkIt And What Can It Do For ME!?”

123LinkIt is a free WordPress plugin that you easily install as you would any other plugin. You can download it from their site or search for the plugin via the wp-admin menu.

Once activated with your unique keys that you’ll get from their site upon registration, the plugin automatically converts relevant keywords to affiliate links from the most successful and relevant products on their network of advertisers (1,000 and counting).

This affiliate link is masked to look pretty, and hopefully increase conversations, and if someone purchases through your link, you’ll earn a commission.

123LinkIt offers stats and reporting so that you can know what links are being clicked and what posts are doing well, allowing you to understand what’s working and what’s not.

I tried it out on one of my blogs and the whole setup process was painless. It also successfully did what it was supposed to and it nicely affiliated several links for me – with some to advertisers I hadn’t heard of before.

123LinkIt is a free WordPress plugin that automatically converts your keywords to affiliate links from their database of over 1,000 advertisers


“But What Do 123LinkIt Get Out Of It??”

As you’ll have gauged from the above, 123LinkIt is legit and it does a hell of a lot for you and can make your affiliate linking process a lot easier.

But nothing (or hardly anything!) comes for free and 123LinkIt need some motivation to continue to improve their plugin and add advertisers. That’s where the commission split comes in.

You get 85% of the affiliate commission and 123LinkIt takes 10%. That’s pretty reasonable if you’ve managed to discover a few new advertisers or have saved hours of time in linking, cloaking, tracking, etc.

If you read the last sentence carefully, you’ll note that the total commission that I accounted for only comes up to 95%.

Are you wondering what gaping hole of death the last 5% has fallen in to!?  Don’t panic, I’m moving onto one of 123LinkIt’s coolest feature: they spend that 5% advertising your blog post that generated that commission via Google AdWords!

90% of the commission from a sale benefits you. The other 10% goes to 123LinkIt


“What?! They Actually Advertise on AdWords For Me!??”

Yep. Pretty cool, huh?

85% of the commission gets paid to you. They eat 10% and they spend the last 5% advertising your post on AdWords.

The logic behind this is that they want your post to do as well as possible so they want advertise it to get more exposure. That increases the potential for them (and you), to earn even greater commissions.


“What Is Not So Cool About 123LinkIt?”

  • You might not know all of the products and services that you’re linking to

Some people, like myself, like to personally try out everything that’s recommended on their blog or website. As affiliate links are automatically being included, you lose some of this control.

However, 123LinkIt reminds me of AdSense ads. You sometimes don’t know who the advertiser is and you get paid a share of the revenue AdSense generates. AdSense is also extremely easy to implement rather than having to manually connect with tons of advertisers. 123LinkIt does the same job but you get paid if someone buys a product as opposed to clicking a ad.

  • You might want all of the money generated

Giving up 10% for this service might not be a lot for some but it might be significant for others. You need to decide whether you think it’s worth it.

One thing I can foresee is people using 123LinkIt to effortlessly affiliate their website and then building a relationship with the best-performing advertisers themselves, effectively cutting out 123LinkIt. I’m not endorsing or denouncing this method – it’s just something I can see being an issue for 123LinkIt.

Those that like to vet affiliates beforehand or those that don’t want to give up 10% of the commission might not like 123LinkIt


The Verdict:

If you’re short of time and want an easy way to affiliate your website, 123LinkIt is a great solution. If you’re sitting on the fence, remember that it’s free and you can deactivated it at any time so it’s worth a try.

As per all reviews of this site, I hunted down as many other reviews of 123LinkIt as I could. It appears that despite early teething problems (around a year ago), 123LinkIt has developed in leaps and bounds and is producing an income for many webmasters. I was also pleased to see that the plugin has been tried, tested and endorsed by several other high-profile and legitimate Internet marketers.

123LinkIt ranks high on the legitimacy chart but doesn’t quite top it as they are still gaining traction and it has not received the hundreds of genuine endorsements that are needed to reach the peak of legitimacy:

123LinkIt Review

You can register your site and get your 123LinkIt keys here (affiliate link).

Remember to also check out my full list of legit Internet market products that are simply awesome.

Had experience with 123LinkIt or thoughts on it overall? Leave your comments below.

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  1. Thanks, Sandip for this very helpful and informative review. I don’t have advertising on my blog, but if I were to, this looks like a great way to get started.

    Are the revenues significantly lower because you are paid based on purchases instead of clicks?

    • Sandip

      Hi Carolyn, thanks for the comment.

      I’m not sure about the potential revenue difference if one were to use a program that pays for clicks in comparison to affiliating links – this might be an interesting study for 123LinkIt.

      I think it depends on the keywords in your post / page and the programs these link to. If someone purchases hosting for example, that will be a big commission hit in comparison to if someone clicked an ad for it which would only pay around a dollar.

  2. Hi Sandip,

    Thanks so much for the nice review. If there’s anything we can do or any questions I can help answer, please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.



    • Sandip

      Thanks Yasmine – I’m encouraged to see that you actively monitor mentions of your site and thanks for being transparent. That reiterates my positive review of your service 🙂

  3. So, let me get this straight, once you install this plugin you have immediate access to all their affiliates? Also do you get to choose which affiliates you don’t want to be associated with?

    Either way it seems to be a good way to monetize your site.

    • Sandip

      Hi Sire – yep, that’s right. You have access to all their affiliates which I understand is at around 1,000. They are continuing to expand this and also branching out to other affiliate networks.

      If you don’t want certain links in your posts, you can remove them. Their FAQ puts it nicely:

      “Yes. You can remove any of the links we add to your blog post. Just sign into your account on the 123LinkIt site, click on the blog you want to modify, and navigate to the blog post you would like to change. Our links will appear in red and clicking on the minus sign at the top of the link will instantly remove the ad from your post.’

      I agree, it’s a very nice way to monetize with little effort.

  4. Thank for reviewing 123linkit
    I have promoted this affiliate program almost for 13 months, registered 1400followers thru my affiliate link. The plugin is quite easy and helpfull and effortless, but not all the time does link to merchants goods. Statistics on my sites does not work at all on different hosting servers.
    The remarkable shortcoming of that affiliate program is that it consume alot of my valued traffic and may interfere with other programs but NO INCOME AT ALL!!!
    It is also remarkable to get 1400 subscribers thru affiliate link but no single subscriber gain single penny, any secret behind?
    The most note that is that no communication from program management or reply to enquirees.

    The final opinion is not easy, no any success stories from affiliates (I mean gaining income) or promise from management to good surprise!!

    • Sandip

      Hi Mohammad,

      1,400 referrals and no income – that is very strange indeed. Would be great if Yasmine could pitch in again…

  5. Ben

    I have used 123linkit for all my websites and have recieved about 3,000 clicks but not 1 sale. Are they really legit?

  6. I was looking for a quick fix when I found 123linkit in the WP plugins depository, and found this post excerpt from Philadelphia Business Journal, “…been bought by a Silicon Valley company for an undisclosed sum.
    123LinkIt.com was bought last month by NetLine Corp., a privately held company based in Los Gatos, Calif.,”

    I’m testing this one!

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